Samurai Flamenco 06 — No Need to Fear Office Supplies!


My god. This show is outperforming even Valvrave in terms of quotability this week.


This episode delivered just what the show needed. First: office supplies as weapons. Now Sammenco can offer some legitimate competition to Flamenco Girl. So far we’ve seen the eraser shooter, the stapler nun-chucks, the tape measure grappling hook, and glue hands for scaling walls. All pretty awesome.


These weapons are developed by a stationary company apparently looking for some good PR. This guy is a marketing genius.


Aside from Samurai Flamenco’s new weapon loadout, we also have two more idols in cutesy costumes stomping on balls. Perfect.


One of whom is letting off steam after being flat out rejected by Goto.


After which she comes to the obvious conclusion that this is because Goto is in love with Samumenco.

What a brilliant episode. This show just keeps getting better and better.

4 thoughts on “Samurai Flamenco 06 — No Need to Fear Office Supplies!

  1. So, I wonder if you have watched last episode’s last scene, which took place after the ending song.

    Anyway, this show is epic. Story-wise. Too bad the drawing is derpy most of the time. I think I know what they need to make this show even more epic: a villain. Of course, I am not talking about about Venom or Dr. Lizard. The villain could be some yakuza organization who’s unhappy with Samumenco. Or, it could be rival stationary company.

    1. We need a silly villain who goes into it just because he loved hero shows too but rooted for the bad guys. Someone who’s compelled to appear by the existence of Samurai Flamenco himself, just because, following the basic rule that “it’s the hero who creates the villain”. Donning a silly costume and committing crimes as petty as the ones Samumenco prevented in the first episodes.

    2. I did after everyone mentioned it last week. Pretty great.

      I think you got what you wanted in the latest episode. If it was a rivalry stationary company that would have been better though…

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