Valvrave the Liberator 18 — Eru-Erufu Saves the Princess


As if Eru-Erufu weren’t enough of a pimp already, this week he rescues the princess from the top of the tallest tower.


He dodges helicopters firing machine guns at him along the way, and pauses to take out one of the helicopters with his pistol. The Dorssian army does not seem particularly concerned about the princess’ safety.

Aside from Eru-Erufu’s adventures, even I have to admit that this episode was pretty bland. Most of the episode focuses on the JIORians’ genetic engineering experiments, as kindly explained to the viewers by Mr. Physics Teacher. Seriously, does anyone give a crap about the fact that the children were genetically engineered and are supposedly not fully human? Even in the show itself everyone other than Haruto could care less. I really don’t think we need to spend so much time on this.


Haruto’s dad is a joke. And not in a good way like most of the characters. Ugh, this is just an excuse for Haruto to act more emo than he already is. Eru-Erufu please come back soon and shoot Haruto’s dad in the head. That’s our only hope. That Eru-Erufu has a plan.


But Eru-Erufu always has a plan. Everything will be okay.

8 thoughts on “Valvrave the Liberator 18 — Eru-Erufu Saves the Princess

  1. Eru-erufu is an action star. Conquers every cinematic movies trope for victory.

    He feels like another version of Lelouch, except physically capable and deadly, but less dramatics, and more practical.

    Haruto inherits Suzaku’s mantle of goody good. I like when he suffers, but sadly he makes the rest of us suffer with him.

    1. Yep, I think you have Eru-erufu’s character down pat. I find Haruto different from Suzaku in one critical way though: he isn’t a hypocrite, he’s just emo. I can’t bring myself to hate Haruto at the levels of rage I held for Suzaku.

  2. Lelouch started a world war over the death and betrayal of his family. Eru-erufu starts a galactic war for his hime girlfriend.

    I absolutely adored his talking through to the audience on the fact he figured out his girl was the one that sent help, and was nearby. He must have been thinking about how to break her out all while speaking. Although while I bet he had a lot of plans ready beforehand, those must’ve been adapted on-the-fly. He breaks professionalism for the first time here, and is glorious for it. I like how Haruto doesn’t blink, “I’m sure he has his reasons” and says continue on with the mission. It nicely contrasts with his lesson when facing Marie and watching her subsequently be shot in the head. It is subtle character growth, but it is growth for him to be able to continue on with determination and be focused on the mission. As opposed to being in shock, failing to support his friends and teammates in battle, and ultimately resulting in the death of Marie.

  3. “Ugh, this is just an excuse for Haruto to act more emo than he already is.”

    I don’t know I kind of felt Haruto punching his dad in the face put an end to that quickly enough.

    But I digress… No mention of “Allow me to abduct you” Truly the greatest love confession the world has ever known. Brings a tear to my eye.

    1. LOL yeah I should have taken a screenshot of that. I don’t think it’s quite as great as being the coffee to Haruto’s sugar though.

  4. Haruto’s dad seemed like he had a few screws loose just from the way he was talking. Glad that he was put in his place though. and Eru-erufu is a complete badass for that rescue scene, getting the door blown open and waltzing in to save his princess. I wonder how much longer until they clash with Cain again.

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