Samurai Flamenco 20 — Goto’s New Rival

Sorry for the delay, have been traveling. Also I should apologize that posts have been so short and dirty lately, have been really busy.


Ok then.

So it seems that the new villain may be a figment of Masayoshi’s imagination.



The true enemy lies within. Actually, the true enemy has been within for the entirety of the show. All along, in my understanding, the universe created Masayoshi’s enemies in accordance with his own will.


The superhero version of good can only exist alongside evil, so in order to be a hero, Masayoshi needs a villain. Finally, the universe is presenting him with the ultimate villain, himself. We thought that peace had been restored to the universe, but in actuality the ante has been upped once again.


Oh, and the phone calls with the color rangers were hilarious. All the deathly screaming over such minor things haha.

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