Samurai Flamenco — First Impressions


Some guys sit around watching TV and then one of them gets beat up by some middle schoolers.

This was not the best of hooks. Pre-OP, they discovered a naked guy on the street. Then they repeat the same exact scene right after the OP. It isn’t anywhere near a Higashi no Eden-level naked guy hook either.


They spend most of the rest of the episode watching cartoons, chatting, eating curry and going to work.

Finally the “hero” confronts some middle schoolers and gets the crap beaten out of him. This part was actually good, particularly his speech. And then a middle schooler kicks him.

If I had to describe what this show lacks, in one word, I would say it lacks flair. This is a show about a samurai flamenco for crying out loud. Yet it’s so subdued, with dark colors and slow pacing. I’m just not feeling any excitement. Perhaps that’s intentional. But I don’t think so. It seems like they’re trying to make this superhero seem crazy, exciting and interesting. But that’s not what I’m getting from the show.

2 thoughts on “Samurai Flamenco — First Impressions

  1. Hmm, my feeling was that the show was going for a contrast between the real, mundane world and the vibrant, exciting world of superheroes. The protagonist wants to go about fighting evil, but evil is just loitering teens and drunk jaywalkers–none of whom will take this “superhero” seriously for even a moment.
    Actually thought the pacing was rather good; the episode at least covered the premise and established the main characters. On the other hand I’m not certain what sort of direction this series intends to go. Will have to try another episode or two to see, I think.

    1. Yeah, I’m reserving judgement as well. Hard to see where it’s going. They definitely are establishing that the real world doesn’t live up to the expectations implied by superhero shows.

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