Valvrave the Liberator 13 — Confession Time


Ooh yeah, that’s what I was waiting for.

Valvrave continues to be as genius as I remember. I love this show.

Some highlights:


The fuhrer is inducted into the association of space vampires. So now he’s a Nazi communist space vampire ruling the Vatican. That’s quite a resume.





These clothes… she really looks like a prime minister. From the 18th century, maybe? And reading textbooks on international law… Yeah, this country is definitely going to get screwed over big time by everybody.


Lol emo Haruto, having ERU-ERUFU lock him in a cage. And Saki looking in through the bars… I like how  ERU-ERUFU has teamed up with the physics teacher too. That guy sure knows how to get the people who matter on his side.

Looks like next week they’ll be splitting up and Shoko will need to fend for herself.


9 thoughts on “Valvrave the Liberator 13 — Confession Time

  1. About time this show came back, after the crap that’s been shoveled out so far. And I just caught up with the first season too, lucky me I didn’t have to wait as long as everybody else. Haruto’s mech-gun is really cool, don’t remember that from S1. I also like how that brown-haired Dorssia pilot totally got off the hook for poison gassing all those high schoolers with the drill. Favorite scene: when Eru-erufu was going to cut off Haruto’s head and he was actually mulling it over while the blade was going through his neck. This show is the anime-est.

    Also, remember when biting people used to take over their bodies or something? Did that just stop being a thing?

    1. Yeah, such a good show. Can’t wait for more.

      Eru-erufu threatening to cut off Haruto’s head was hilarious. Neither of them even gave a crap as they calmly discussed other things. So good.

      Yeah, not sure why bodies aren’t being taken over anymore. Oh well, I guess it only happens when the writers feel like it. I’m not going to complain.

  2. “So now he’s a Nazi communist space vampire ruling the Vatican. That’s quite a resume.”

    LOL, well technically more socialist than communist, and since Nazi comes from a term with the word “socialist” already in it, calling him a “Nazi socialist” is a little redundant.

    Yet still, all your comments are hilarious.

    1. I guess what I meant was more along the lines of Soviet than communist, seeing how they appear to live in Russia or something.

  3. It’s about time someone gets rid of shoko. As of this point, she’s nothing more than dead weight. She is so naïve of what’s going on in JIOR. Including turning everyone into weapons compatible of piloting the valvraves.

    1. I keep finding more and more comments about Shoko being useless. What in the world is going on; Shoko is great. Does she have to save the day every episode or something?

      Anyways, Valvrave is back, and I loved every minute of this episode. The action sequences really packed an extra punch, I thought, and the battle music was wonderful. Everything with Haruto keeps getting more anime-style melodramatic, and I genuinely feel bad for him. I might be the only person who cares that much about the protagonist though; maybe I can’t help but like someone who is always thinking of others before himself.

      But thinking of Shoko again, I actually suspect the plot will go in a Shoko x L-Elf direction at some point. Looking back at past episodes, I think there’s been some hints of this, and it does feel like the unpredictable (yet still contextually feasible) sort of Valvrave thing to do.

      1. I like Shoko too. Could almost ship her with Eru-erufu over Haruto. Almost. Totally feels like the Valvrave thing to do though lol. Would be great.

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