Galilei Donna — First Impressions


Somebody chases Galileo’s descendants around and tries to kidnap them.

This is another case where the premise sounds completely retarded but the show itself is great. I have no clue what’s going on, but do I even need to? This show has a flying goldfish mecha. A flying goldfish mecha. This is what I always wanted but didn’t even know I wanted. Until just now.

The sisters are pretty amusing, especially the eldest who threatens to prosecute everyone. The youngest has some amusing inventions, and the middle sister hasn’t done much of anything yet. The mother and father’s separation and the fact that none of the sisters live together should provide for some interesting family dynamics.


My personal favorite part about the show is the villain though. So flamboyant. This kind of style is what Samurai Flamenco could have used more of.


Some great dialogue on behalf of the villain too. That line on him having no weaknesses has got to be the best line of the season so far.

4 thoughts on “Galilei Donna — First Impressions

  1. The show might be decent, but I can’t just ignore the stupid premise. I’m all for suspending disbelief when it comes to anime, but there are limits and this show has clearly crossed them.

    I doubt it has the ability to ruin the show for me, but it certainly isn’t doing it any favors.

  2. The first ep. was interesting, but not too great. The flying goldfish mecha looks really cute and all but I suspect that Hazuki (the youngest sister) is so overpowered that the villains don’t stand a chance anyways. From the characters my fave is Kazuki, the middle sister. She seems to be a realistic, bored teenager. Hozuki is close to the stereotype of unmarried, booze-loving young woman, and Hazuki’s genius is somewhat overdone. The villain’s weaknesses line was great, in any case!

    1. The middle sister at the moment reminds me a lot of the middle sister from Sasami-san. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out she’s actually a robot built by her younger sister.

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