Sekai Seifuku 04 — Kate and Asuta ****!



Only four episodes until we got some underage action!


Aside from this single brief scene, this episode was unbelievably dull. Robo-ko’s udo supply is depleted, we have to go underground and fight monsters for some reason. Magician girl gets some insipid backstory in which she was a mad scientist from the age of three and didn’t make any friends. Tear, tear, tear. Truly moving my heart.


Just like the robot’s heart is moved by Asuta’s cooking. The “character of the week” format can work great. For example, check out Gigantic Formula, which I think epitomizes this format. But the thing is, if you’re going to do that, you need to have interesting characters which can carry an episode on their own. Sekai Seifuku most certainly does not. The only distinctive thing about these characters is their weird costumes. And I saw that as someone who likes the show. (Well, aside from this episode.)

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