Sekai Seifuku 10 — A Foolish Goal


She is of course 100% correct. World conquest is a foolish goal. But so is any goal. Soon enough you will die, and everything you have ever done will be forgotten, and no one will remember. But so what? You have the power to set a goal for yourself. So choose what you will do, and do it with all your might, since that is your lot.


White Light, the special forces  and their bosses have forgotten their goal. Originally their goal was justice. But now all that’s left is the shadow of this goal and their own power. The only goal that remains is the preservation of that power. All their organization does is motivated by the fear of the death of that organization. And so they live in slavery to death. Only Renge is able to see this for what it is and break free of it.

An excellent episode. Feels like they could have skipped the past six or seven. Now here, have some nice Kate faces:



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