selector infected WIXOSS — First Impressions



It has some cool animation and looks like it could possibly have a creepy side later on.

The card battles look lame though. Because they’re actually card battles, but with graphics of beam weapons. So exciting…


One of the main characters is a jackass. She tries to beat the other character without even telling her how to play the game. The other is a loser who somehow has no friends.

I just feel no desire to watch this. I’m sure someone will let me know if it ends up being any good. I doubt it will. Dropped.

8 thoughts on “selector infected WIXOSS — First Impressions

  1. I sense a dark foreboding surrounding this title (y’know, the main girl’s dream is hinting at some dark stuff man). Could end up being Madoka Magica with card games or Day Break Illusion with card games.

      1. Yeah. I’m not sure this is really ripping off Madoka though. Being dark and “edgy” did not originate with Madoka.

    1. Yes that’s what I was thinking it reminded me of!!! Day Break Illusion! I dropped that one though. I guess I’ll watch a couple more episodes to see how this holds up. Don’t see it being anywhere near the level of Madoka though.

  2. I see the card games but there’s an unacceptable lack of motorcycles. Anyway, I was hoping I could dig this show – I like card games after all – but this first episode left me cold. The rules were not explained yet, the stakes seem rather low (come on, you can stop a match because something happened and there’s no penalty at all for that? Even League of Legends is harsher than that! Way too reasonable for a magical wish-granting game) and unless there’s someone who takes the rules to the next logical step, i.e. physically eliminating strong competitors rather than battle them with cards this ominous foreshadowing will probably fall flat on me. Just looks like it’s trying to step up the TCG genre to darker heights but is rather afraid to embrace the full consequences of this fact.

    Also twincest. Yay.

    1. Lol yeah, I thought it was weird you can just stop in the middle too. Even if you do lose the game the stakes aren’t too high. You can’t play the game anymore. Well, who cares? It looks like a stupid game anyway, if a girl who’s never even played before looks like she can beat an expert just because she was lucky to get a stronger card.

      Yeah, twincest. Ugh. I don’t think I even mentioned that in the post but that’s what turns me off the most from this one.

  3. now this the kind of anime where kids starting to steer clear of card games. Also, they should add horror to the anime’s genre after seeing the latest episode where an avatar looks just like one of the selectors. Last time I checked, the eternal girl gimmick for WIXOSS is more of a trap where demons grant them wishes that will never be real as a demon’s promise will only be a lie in the end. Something tells me the demon king is gathering his personal harem for those who want to become an “eternal girl.” but to a human, there is no such thing as eternal in reality. We humans, laugh the same way as we cry. Live the same, die the same. Either if the wish is granted or not, the only things awaits for the girls are despair and depravity.

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