Blade and Soul — First Impressions


A swordswoman with big boobs kills people.

As my readers are doubtless aware, I love fantasy shows. So I usually give these types of things the benefit of the doubt.


Unfortunately, this show is bringing back strong memories of Queen’s Blade: Rebellion. Pretty much all the characters (who don’t get killed off) are women with big breasts. Who walk around all the time in ridiculous outfits revealing them. The main character spends half of the episode not wearing pants. I’m not making this shit up. We also get a bath scene and have her fight one small battle completely naked.


We also get a large focus on one of the characters pissing his pants. Classy.

The show’s few attempts at humor are pathetic. First there’s the pissing thing. Then someone is asked to bring the main character some clothes, and he brings back shoes that don’t match. Hahaha I can’t stop laughing oh my god this is awful.

The voice acting is pretty bad too. It sounds like they’re acting. The main character is completely emotionless, I think the only reason anyone could possibly care about her is because she’s supposed to be hot. And the story is pretty unimpressive, the lone swordsman against the evil narco-empire.

Tempted to drop this but it’s fantasy so I’ll probably give the second episode a shot. Actually, same thing with that card game thing I said I’d dropped yesterday. After watching this I realized it wasn’t actually that terrible.

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