Seraph of the End 02 – 05 — Hurrah for Illicit Sexual Relations!



So obviously in my great tradition of blogging highly regarded anime such as Valvrave, Buddy Complex, and Cross Ange, I had no choice but to pick up Owari no Seraph.

I continue to greatly enjoy this despite the fact that the show has turned largely to school drama and BS about making friends instead of what should be the show’s main focus, wanton slaughter.


Seriously, who needs friends or a girlfriend to kill vampires?


Nobody! That’s right! I love the main character. He’s such an idiot and he doesn’t give a crap.


Especially when he’s interact with his boss. Or with purple.


But he’s especially entertaining with his boss.


Best character is obviously purple. Damn I can’t get enough of her.


That’s right!


Also tons of Valvrave vibes. They even have to “quit humanity”. The childhood friend who became a vampire is basically ERU ERUFU. He even has his pink haired loli vampire princess girlfriend still. But obviously his only true love is Haruto— I mean, what’s his name…


Can’t wait for the war to start and hopefully we can set aside all this friendship crap and skip straight to the gay makeout sessions. Illicit sexual relations! Hurrah!!!


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