Shingeki no Kyojin 04 — Playtime’s Over


Holy shit.

After the last episode I was worried this would turn in to a more typical shounen show with a bunch of joke characters. Now my fears are abated.


I mean, crap, even potato girl is totally boss. Running straight down a giant wall in order to impale her friend’s leg with a grappling hook to prevent him from falling to his death? Hell yes. This is what I want to see.

Even the lackluster comedy from last week has picked up. The instructor is hilarious:


Those eyes look so ridiculously creepy. I am not surprised all his students seem to wet themselves around him.


Mikasa’s deadpan delivery (combined with everyone else’s abject terror) made this Sasha joke actually work.


The best part though is how the instructor plays along and attempts to hide his laughter.

Further Thoughts


Eren was pretty wimpy last episode, but he’s grown to be pretty cool too. He gets knocked off the wall, only to turn right around to fight the giant.


And of course Mikasa is even more badass. I liked how in the instructor’s monologue about the students, all he has to say is that she “is truly a genius of historically unprecedented significance.” Hahaha yeah.

12 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin 04 — Playtime’s Over

  1. Love how menacing the colossal titan looks; for those viewers who think there are major plot holes in the story so assured your questions will be answered throughtout the series…well most of the plot holes will be covered…unless its an actual plot hole in the narrative that the creator did not think to address.

  2. The biggest problem I had in this episode was the convenient timing of the giant’s attack. Lets just wait long enough until our central character has got enough training to be able to fight. It would have been more believable if his training was interrupted and they were all pushed onto the wall. Still atleast the action has kicked in and we can get to see some awesome wire-fu fighting.

    1. Conveniently there is totally an explanation for why it didn’t show up in the middle of training, in the manga.

    2. Meh, it’s convenient, but whatever. I’d rather have a coincidence than watch episodes of them standing around doing nothing.

  3. It got to be about five minutes before the end, and I was thinking, “Wow, how’s the giant supposed to sneak up on them?” And then he just drops in from the sky. I guess God just throws them at the wall when the humans don’t eat their vegetables or something.

    This series rocks. Sasha is still my favorite; I hope she doesn’t get eaten in the name of dark irony. I still don’t know what to make of Mikasa. Every time she opens her mouth I can’t tell if she’s trying to be a good sister or just asserting herself over Eren. Either way, the next episode’s gonna rock.

    1. A lot of people seem confused about this and they really don’t make it that clear until later on, but Mikasa isn’t eren’s sister. Judging from the pacing of the anime, they’ll probably explain their history in the next few episodes.

    2. Yeah either God dropped that giant from the sky or their sentries are absolutely hopeless. I mean come on. How do you not notice that thing coming towards you.

      But yeah, whatever, this show still rocks. Sasha seems too badass to get eaten in the immediate future.

  4. “Eren was pretty wimpy last episode, but he’s grown to be pretty cool too.” In most series I find the male characters rather bland compared to the females. Here, however, Mikasa is super gifted and good looking but (until now, at least) she is just a sidekick to Eren. Eren himself is average in every respect but his “I’ll kick every last Titan with my bare hands” super determination more than makes up for this!

    The series has been excellent so far. It’s just a shame that the backgrounds sometimes look cheap. Here – – e.g. the city’s towers and river bridges are obviously copy and paste. P.A. Works would have done a better job in this respect. But then again I like how the characters have this slightly rough, hand-drawn look which fits well w/ their dire circumstances and the medieval setting.

    1. It was interesting to learn that he had this crazy ridiculous level of determination even before the titans killed his family, as shown by what he did to those robbers. The kid definitely has a screw loose somewhere.

      The backgrounds are a bit cheap, but personally I didn’t even notice until you pointed it out. It’s the kind of thing that just flashed by in a second. I’d personally rather have them focus on the action, which looks pretty good to me (although as you know I’m no expert in animation by any means).

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