Shingeki no Kyojin 05 — *&@#$^!!!!!


Holy shit.


Shingeki no Kyojin does not pull its punches. We start off with Eren motivating the entire team. “This is what we’ve been training for! Things will be different this time!”


Everyone’s all pumped, even proposing a contest over how many Titans they can kill.


Twenty seconds later they’re all dead, devoured by the first Titans they meet. Shit.

Eren loses a leg, then proceeds to jump in another Titan’s mouth for a rescue. Then he loses another arm and the episode ends with him being swallowed.

I assume he’s going to make it out because, well, it’s only episode five. And getting eaten does seem to be a good way to bring you in close proximity to their weak point. But still, crap. The kid already lost an arm and a leg in his first battle. I wonder how he’s going to keep fighting from this point on. Automail? (no spoilers please)


Eren was so boss this episode he even told off Mikasa.


Poor girl. πŸ™

About the titans themselves: this just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Now there’s a new type that seems to jump around like a spider? Crap.

And what the hell happened with that giant one that seemed to just disappear? My speculation is that these are clearly not natural creatures. I wonder if they are created with some form of magic or something. That could explain the weak part at the back of their neck, the core of the spell or something along those lines. Perhaps Eren actually managed to kill the thing. Or perhaps some power that’s controlling the titans released it.

Again, feel free to speculate away in the comments unless you’ve read ahead and already know what’s going on.

33 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin 05 — *&@#$^!!!!!

    1. YES I was totally creeped out by that. Even scarier than the others… looked kind of like a little kid.

  1. You know Eren is saying the right things, but he’s saying them in the most assholish way possible.

    Also, an interesting scene happened where they showed the ground after the colossal titan appeared. There were no footprints leading up to the wall, so either jumped really far or it really just appeared out of thin air. This means that the walls are pretty much useless.

    1. They’re about to go fight a battle they’ll probably lose and Mikasa’s still managing to find ways to baby him in public. He’s bound to be a little stressed out.

      Though apparently her fears were completely justified.

      1. He’s also saying things in the most assholish way possible to his teammates too though. But hey, what works works.

        1. He’s actually nowhere that harsh about it. This is just gg adding crap and trying to be edgy. Commie has the more accurate translation.

    2. Yeah, but hey, he’s about to go into battle so if it works to get them motivated, I guess it’s worth it.

      I didn’t notice the footprints, but that’s very interesting. I wonder why they haven’t jumped past the walls then? It seems that something must be keeping them out. Or perhaps they choose not to enter that way. The whole setup smacks of some twisted “game” to me that somebody set up.

  2. Another famous Yuki Kaji character that loses his arm? Yep!

    Interesting episode and DAYUM EVERYONE IS DYING? Holy crap I did not see that coming, but whatever it works xD

  3. Am I the only one who is still curious about what the dad wanted to show Eren in the basement? I mean they couldn’t have just entered that for no reason… I hope.

    Other than that, your reactions are always spot on with mine. Generally ending in a “holy shit” kind of feeling. I thought he’d actually kill one, but my hopes were shot down quickly.

    1. No, I’m also wondering about that. I mean, maybe that’s related with some of the things regarding the Titans. Or not. And don’t forget his dream!

      Anyway, I’m on the edge of my seat during the second half of the show! I thought that some of them will survive (the girl and Thomas) but NO!

      I’m so looking forward for Episode 6!

      1. I think we got the list of who isn’t a Red Shirt last episode when they listed the top ten graduates. Everyone else is probably just titan food.

        Having them get eaten really ratchets up the intensity. It’s a gruesome indignity that hits me harder than if they were just getting stabbed or shot. This may be the first time I’ve felt an anime capturing just how awful a real war is.

        1. Getting eaten is way scarier than getting in a car accident or being crushed by machinery, even though physically it’s basically the same thing. There’s something psychologically horrifying about taking the casualness with which we eat plants and animals and having another creature value our lives so little. Almost makes me want to become a vegetarian. (haha no)

    2. Nope, I’m very curious about that as well. I bet it has something to do with the nature of the Titans.

  4. Draggle, I have a theory as to why that giant Titan disappeared. I think that perhaps he has the power to transform into a human or a Titan at will. Imagine this scenario; that wall is around 200 ft high, and there’s tall grass right outside of it. No one would have noticed a human crawling in the grass, and then when he gets up to the wall, he morphs into his Titan form. That could be why he seemed to appear out of nowhere, he crawls up to the wall as a 6 ft tall human, then transforms into a 200 ft Titan in a burst of smoke and lightning, and when Eren attacked him, he changed back to a human, which is how he seemed to vanish.
    It’s just an idea, but I think it makes sense :O

    1. Hm, that would be really interesting if that were the case. How could the humans even defend against it? Titans could easily mingle in the towns completely unnoticed, then transform and open the gate from the inside. The humans would be totally screwed.

  5. I don’t know Titans could be so moe… Oh, they are magical to begin with. None of them or their abilities can be explained logically / scientifically. *yawn*

    1. Well, true, but I’m sure there’s going to be some sort of explanation eventually about how they were created.

  6. Well that was quite an episode! So many dead characters already.. Also am I the only one who kinda looks forward to see “full metal Eren” now? I mean seriously..he most likely won’t die (Mikasa would not let that happen!!) so how will it continue? He can’t fight with a missing arm and limb now can he?
    Still I’m looking forward to more moe-titans. I mean “My little titan can’t be this cute!”

    1. I hope we don’t get any more moe titans. Those things are so creepy, even when compared to the normal titans…

      Fullmetal Eren would be pretty sweet.

  7. Is it too much to hope that Eren is dead for like ever? It would be a plot move even GRR Martin wouldnt pull. Still though this series doesn’t have any other character worthy of being the main one. Armin is way too pussy and Mikasa too stoic.

    (P.S This is totally unrelated but since i’m way too lazy to create a twitter account and ping you I’m interested to hear your opinion/review of gardens of the moon and any other malazan book you have read after that.

    1. Keeping Eren dead forever would take some serious balls. That’s even more crazy than that one show a while back that killed everyone in episode 1. I agree that no one else right now seems poised to take over the main character role from Eren. Perhaps with another timeskip though Armin could grow up some and become a worthy main character.

      Ah sorry I still haven’t read the Malazan book yet, it is still sitting on my dresser! Since I’ve been writing an occasional book post now and then I’ll probably post something once I finish it.

  8. “I wonder how he’s going to keep fighting from this point on. Automail?” Hopefully he doesn’t buy those exoskeletal legs from R;N with remote administration by Titans Inc.

    But seriously: I loved the drawings when they explained something about the Titan’s nature. The Titans really seem to exist only to harm mankind pretty much like a curse or a divine punishment. But then again there seems to be no divine entity involved and no one has any clue what sin is being punished so harshly. So the absurdity of the Titan’s existence perhaps just serves as a reflection of life itself.

    1. R;N legs would be hilarious. Don’t really fit the time period though.

      My own speculation is that the humans created the Titans themselves. Not really sure why though…

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