Hataraku Maou-sama 05 — Late for Work


Ok, this episode has laid all my fears to rest. This is the rare breed of show that knows how to throw in plot development without forgetting that it’s supposed to be a comedy.


And this episode was indeed hilarious, despite some serious plot progression. “Let’s get this over with soon or I’ll be late for work.” A deathbed wish to take advantage of supermarket discounts. Maou comparing Cueball to a B-movie villain and getting yelled at for spending money on movies. Ashiya randomly chucking cars around.


This show knows how to combine the action, drama and comedy into one solid package.


I’m somewhat surprised to find myself saying this, but I still enjoy Emi’s tsundereness. Usually tsunderes wear thin fast but she’s still great. I think what makes it work here are the fact that she actually has legitimate reasons for both hating and liking him. Plus she actually has a serious rival so her indecisiveness has some consequences.

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  1. I think that part of the show’s success stems from how it manages to use basic tropes to its benefit. For example, it doesn’t take any time at all to figure out that the robed fantasy-setting bishop is bad news. Using a cliche in this case means the show doesn’t need to spend as much time explaining the Serious Plot and leaves more time for the characters to crack some jokes.
    It’s a fine balance this series is playing with–the humor is more subdued than your typical comedy anime (for an example that’s about the complete opposite of Maou-sama, think something like Cuticle Detective), which I think allows the story to develop the characters in a more genuine way (i.e. it doesn’t feel so out of place to actually *have* real character development).

    1. Agreed. They don’t have to explain the details of the fantasy world since everybody already knows them. They can spend their time focusing on the important things.

      The more subdued, cynical type of humor in this show works quite well with some limited character development.

  2. hmmmm yea i still dont like emi but damn does hataraku know how to cut the tension when shit gets serious. Looks like next week we get some highschool hijinks with maou; i was surprised to see that chiho does archery and im curious to see how emi will fit in the highschool scene since she has registered herself as being 20 even though she’s 17 (id rather have her just stay out the highschool scene)

    1. Chiho doing archery? Haha somehow I can’t picture that at all. Maybe Emi can be the substitute teacher or something and get into fights with her students.

  3. Emi is very cute when she chuckled at Maou’s jab at the priest’s lack of hair, also when she’s worried that Maou may have died. Though, I’m guessing that Chiho would be the one who won his heart in the end 😀 (Didn’t read the LN, wouldn’t know)

    About next week’s preview… does it say something about the dark lord going to school? I thought they were passing as twentysomethings…

    1. Yeah, not sure who Maou will end up with. Either way it’ll be a messy divorce from his wife. I’m guessing he’ll end up with Emi but who knows.

      I didn’t watch the preview, but going to school would be interesting. Maybe he’ll be going to night school to get his GED or something?

  4. I’m rooting for Emi. Chiho is just annoying. I would have preferred if the show were just about Maou and Emi adjusting to RL. That would have been funny enough.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still do enjoy the show. It’s just that the initial setting was excellent enough to warrant for a full one-cour series imo. No need to drag any additional characters into the plot.

    1. I’m voting for Emi too. Chiho is a bit annoying but she does have a way to get things moving. An entire show dedicated to Maou and Emi getting settled might get a bit dull.

      It does seem to be taking the route of adding random new characters though. With kimono girl and Lucifer the stage is starting to get a bit crowded.

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