Shingeki no Kyojin 08 — Turning the Tide


As usual, pretty great episode. Some excellent fighting scenes. I particularly enjoyed the part where they descended on the elevator and attacked the Titans from behind. My favorite scene was when the Titans’ heads crash through the walls of the headquarters, the leader is staring at them in fear, and Eren’s fist comes out of nowhere and punches them out of the way. The grappling hooks are awesome, but seeing giants fist fight isn’t too bad either.


Finally Armin’s plans save the day and for once he isn’t completely useless. I wonder what Mikasa was referring to when she said that he’d saved her and Eren’s life in the past. Hopefully he will gain some confidence soon.


And as I suspected last week, the Titan killing the other Titans was actually Eren. Maybe it’s sort of like Valvrave in that Eren can bite them in the thing at the back of their neck that kills them and body swap.

I wonder how they’ll use this in the future. Hopefully you don’t need to be swallowed to take over a Titan’s body. Because that would kind of suck. Also it seems like Eren loses most of his intelligence when he possess a Titan. I guess if they body swap they also swap brains. He did appear to retain some degree of intelligence, however, possessing the wherewithal to recognize the enemies, aim for their weak point, and retaining his anger at the special Titan that killed his squad.

The question remains if this ability is something particular to Eren or if any human can do it. Regardless, I’m assuming that taking over a Titan’s body isn’t something that’s easy to do. That way I hope we’ll still get to see most of the fighting done with the grappling hooks.

9 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin 08 — Turning the Tide

  1. The best thing about this is that Eren as a titan was still pretty much the same as Eren as a human being. Needs to take a chill pill.

    1. Haha so true. Perhaps he didn’t lose much of his brainpower when transforming into a Titan after all…

  2. This series (and Railgun S2) really stands high above the rest of the season imo.

    In this episode I particularly liked how there also were some rather tiny Titans who looked like children and whom Eren-Titan just kicked away. I felt sorry for them.

    I’m surprised, though, that a few Titans could overwhelm Eren-Titan. I mean, he’s moving a lot quicker than the regular Titans, seems to have much better physical coordination and some degree of intelligence. Most other Titans don’t seem capable of much more than sniffing humans, stumbling in that direction, grabbing the human and eating it. They are no match for Eren-Titan, I’d think (except the wall-breaking one and the super-sized one). Or is Eren-Titan really “running out of gas” as it was translated in my subs?

    Also, I’m surprised as to how efficient the soldiers are w/ killing Titans. Mikasa alone could easily kill a dozen of them in one hour. Why aren’t they able to get rid of all Titans who invaded the city? From how it looked they were not much more than 20 or perhaps 30!

    1. Yeah, I was surprised that the Eren titan was overwhelmed so easily as well. From what we saw of his other fights the normal titans were no match for him.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he really was “running out of gas” of some sort. Recall that he is unable to regenerate. I suspect the key to this lies in the basement of his father’s house.

      Given what we saw of Mikasa I’m also somewhat surprised they weren’t able to take out the titans invading the city. I suppose Mikasa is in the top tier of soldiers, but still, she makes it look so easy.

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