Hataraku Maou-sama 08 — New Levels of Obliviousness



Come on, how dense can you get…


Even Lucifer is less oblivious than Maou! This show can deliver some really sharp commentary on the idiocy of other romantic comedies.


I mean, seriously, the guy living in a cardboard box can see what the main character can’t. That’s pretty harsh.

Speaking of Lucifer, I like what they’ve done with him. He lives in a box and doesn’t leave home, but at the same time, he’s probably the most well-adjusted to modern society of any of the characters from the other world. Which is a pretty depressing statement about our own world.

Further Thoughts


The one thing in anime I will never get sick of: Higurashi faces.



Agreed, this girl is way scarier than all the demons combined.


Ahhh these faces! More please! Also, here we have the classic misunderstanding that romantic comedies are so fond of. But in this case it actually works, because a) it’s a reasonable misunderstanding, that even the viewer is unsure about, b) the show doesn’t beat us over the head with it or make it seem like either character is an idiot, and c) the misunderstanding is resolved in a timely manner.


We’ve seen all this confusion on entering the modern world before in this show. But it’s still funny because Suzuno reacts in a completely different way than the other characters did.


I like where this is going. Really looking forward to the McRonalds and Sentuky Fried Chicken turf wars in the next episode. Let’s witness the beginnings of Maou’s glorious conquest of Earth.

16 thoughts on “Hataraku Maou-sama 08 — New Levels of Obliviousness

  1. I swear, I was waiting for the Sentucky Fried Chicken Manger to tell Maou and Chiho to ” surrender now or prepare to fight.”

    1. LOL, I agree, it’s totally James from Pokemon running that Sentucky Fried Chicken.

      At any rate the last couple episodes have felt a bit more hit-and-miss for me, but this one wasn’t bad. I do wonder though if this series will actually be building up to some kind of ending?

      1. I’m so ready for “double” the “trouble”.
        Maybe we’ll get to see him “blasting off” as well!

  2. This show has a great sense of comic timing and excellent voice work such that a simple “Eh?” was hilarious.

    1. Yep, the best comedies can make you laugh with barely any words, i.e. Nichijou where half the jokes don’t involve dialogue at all.

  3. The best part was the supervisor telling Maou to use “any methods necessary” to defeat Sentucky. I guess he can’t just have waifu and Lucifer bomb the place with Emi hanging around, but I will be sorely disappointed if this fast food war does not escalate into something resembling a (comedic) version of the real thing.

    1. Same. I don’t think Maou is going to interpret “any means necessary” the same way she did. Looking forward to an all out war in the next episode.

  4. “Agreed, this girl is way scarier than all the demons combined.” The confession was cute and I liked that it didn’t involve ages of blushing and stuttering but was rather done as a sidenote. Still, I think Chi-chan is totally generic and I hate her.

    Suzuno is adorable, though. I love your second pic from below and also how she admired the TV’s!

    The SFC manager is great, too.

    If you like distorted faces – you will find the most excellent ones in Hyouge Mono once you come to watch it!

    1. Chiho is totally generic. I don’t like her either, but I don’t hate her to quite the extent that you do. 🙂

      And YES, I just realized Hyouge Mono has been subbed! I’ve started watching it. Started over from the beginning since I forgot everything. The faces are great. Actually everything about it is great.

      1. I’m lagging behind at almost every current series so I still haven’t finished watching Hyouge Mono (I’m at ep. 25). But I’m glad that you are enjoying it!

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