Valvrave the Liberator 07 — The Ultimate Sacrifice


Nnnnnnoooooooooo!!!!! Not…. wait, what was her name again?


Valvrave is so good at playing off these mecha tropes. I think part of what makes the show so funny is how it plays things so close to the book that it reveals how ridiculous the book actually is. Here the show goes through all the trouble to set up these “touching” death flags for this girl we barely know anything about. All to exploit the viewer for an emotional impact when the girl is eventually torn to pieces.

Of course, this generally doesn’t work since a) you hardly know the person who dies, and b) it’s pretty obvious well in advance that said character is going to die. There’s foreshadowing, and then there’s completely ruining any sense of surprise. Anime tends to favor the latter with character deaths.

Eru-Erufu’s Harem


“Even with one eye, I’d recognize you anywhere! I’ll take you as my hand!”

“No, I can’t. I’m going to take Haruto’s hand.”


Poor Eru-Erufu getting stuck in the middle of a gun fight between his two main lovers. What is he to do?!!


But in the end he got Haruto’s body, just like he wanted.

Further Thoughts


Well that was a pretty easy coup d’etat.



Ahhh that explains everything! (also that is one enormous behind)


Really hope we get to see Saki singing out her love for Haruto and killing the imperialist dogs 200 years into the future.

Finally, this is the best explanation of why Valvrave is so great that I’ve seen:

13 thoughts on “Valvrave the Liberator 07 — The Ultimate Sacrifice

  1. Eru-Erufu’s harem. Omygad that’s the best thing in this episode. I keep on grinning like a mad dog during that entire scene! ~

    Anyway, like what you’ve said we hardly knew Aina so it doesn’t have that much emotional impact but for me, it still came as a shock. Her death would be Kyuma’s reason for piloting the other valvrave.

    Then there’s the Golden 7! We only have 5 valvraves in JIOR so I wonder where are the other two. I’m enjoying the guessing game on who’s going to pilot the other valvraves. I wish that the deadpan-face girl will be one of ’em.

    1. Yeah I hope the computer girl pilots one. Most likely the school gang leader (whatever his name is) will take another. I bet parts of Eru-Erufu’s harem will get in on the Valvrave action eventually.

  2. Rukino’s turning out to be a bit of a jobber with her Valvrave. Hope she doesn’t become a damsel in distress every time they sortie. Also, that Dorssian eyepatch colonel dude looks a lot like the villain from LE: Fam.

    Eru-Erufu’s coup was awesome. Make your badass demands (Turn anime high school paradise into space-Sparta) in the middle of some kind of cooking class, then just take over the school and wipe the floor with anyone who tries to stop you. Plus he really got his bondage action on this episode. How he bound and gagged the entire cooking class is beyond me. Some things are better left to the imagination.

    “Welcome to democracy.” Watching the student council president throw a hissy fit over being told to cram it was priceless. For some reason I keep thinking of him as the Omega president from Animal House.

    1. Yeah Rukino seems to really suck at piloting. I think it’s because she’s not singing while she fights, once she figures that out she’ll win. Ah and you’re right, that’s who the eyepatch guy reminded me of! He looked familiar…

      This show’s had a lot of bondage action so far. He’s an expert both at tying and being tied up, not surprising. Throwing a coup in the middle of a cooking class is awesome.

    1. I cheat pretty much every time I mention someone’s name. It’s impossible to remember. Well ok, Maou, Emi, Lucifer are pretty easy. But usually I cheat.

  3. Well, my favorite moment is none of the above. The best part was when Eru-Erefu uses Haruto as his shield. I lol’d hard.

  4. It really seems like most of you watch anime just so that you can complain on how it doesn’t meet your personal expectations. Granted, most mecha anime I come across can’t compare to the 08th Team, Break Blade, Code Geass, etc; they tend to be decent enough for me to sit through. I do think of what these shows might be lacking, which would make them utterly memorable…

    However, you lot are truly… Anime-Otakus, taking your discomfort to a new level for the entertainment of the rest of us.

    1. You know, you are saying this in response to a post which I spent the entirety of gushing about how much I enjoy Valvrave…

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