Shingeki no Kyojin 12 — Same Old Drill

Step 1. Titans attack.
Step 2. Shouting.


Step 3. Struggle over whether to stay or run away.
Step 4. Shouting (motivational speech).


Step 5. Dinnertime.
Step 6. Shouting.
Step 6 (optional). Killing titans.
Step 7. Shouting.


Step 8. BS internal struggle.
Step 9. Shouting.
Step 10. Cliffhanger.
Step 11. Shouting.

Don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy the show. But it’s been rather repetitive. And this constant argument over whether they should run away or fight the titans is getting really tiresome. I get it. Titans are scary. But if you run away you’ll die too. It’s not even a particularly interesting argument… nor are the speeches particularly inspiring. Same thing with Armin and Eren’s internal psychological struggles. It’s been twelve episodes, get over them already.

And the shouting. Once in a while it’s great. It’s very effective at ratcheting up the tension. But when every other line is delivered screaming? Not so effective.

All these issues are amplified by the fact that the show is moving at a snail’s pace. You’ll note that at the end of this episode, bogus psychological issues aside, we’re at essentially the same place we started.

10 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin 12 — Same Old Drill

  1. That’s what I’ve been saying about the show since episode 6 haha, seems like it’s finally catching on with other blogs saying similar things. Still a really interesting setting though and I’m still invested in the show

  2. This is basically the calm before the storm (part 1). You see developments and explanations, then it gets carried out. Similar stuff happens in part 2 (which should have time to be shown in the anime) with lots of ‘development’, but I enjoy that much more than the recent episodes.

    1. So it gets carried out in part two, or in the second half of part 1? When does the carrying it out start?

  3. It’s already standing in the same place for since three episode ago. Oh my god, I am sleepy. One correction here. We have yet to arrive at a point where titans eat people at night, so, saying dinner time is wrong. It should be lunch time!!

    1. The standing in place is almost approaching Zetsuen no Tempest’s scene at the log.

      I stand corrected. Lunch time. I wonder how the Titans night vision is.

  4. The problem is Trost could easily be condensed by like three episodes. It’s obvious they’re stretching it.

    1. Easily. I imagine what they do is ask what a good place for a cliffhanger is and stretch the episodes out so they end there.

  5. It’s the period we’re all sensing now. Because the manga publications are sooooo slow, they inevitably have to elongate the story arc so there’s at least a solid amount of content to work with in future seasons before the anime eventually catches up. There’s no doubt that they won’t catch up to the present chapter in the manga, so I don’t know why they have to stretch the anime at all.

    I mean seriously, I would’ve expected Eren to at least try and lift the boulder up rather than sit there and day dream haplessly for the entire episode. Plus the extravagant shouting is just giving me a Groundhog day loop….

    1. Yeah, if there’s no danger of catching up, I don’t know why they’re dragging things out so much. Or if they were going to catch up, I don’t see why they couldn’t just wait a year to produce the show.

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