Shingeki no Kyojin 13 — It’s Finally Over


Yay. The rock is in the hole. Took them long enough.

Some pretty cool action, especially with rescuing the guy whose name I forget at the moment. Otherwise though… not much happened. Eren walked some with a rock on his back. The town is saved. The end.

As usual, lots of people died. Cue talking about how dying fighting is better than living like ants, it’s better to fight than to flee, yada yada. We’ve heard all this before. We also have lots of screaming here but it was much better justified than in some of the previous episodes.


I like the guy with the short hair, he’s funny.

14 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin 13 — It’s Finally Over

  1. It makes literally no sense how Eren could lift that boulder. Look how big it is compared to him. It would be like a human trying to lift a tractor over their head..

      1. Watch it again. Mikasa even said that Eren shouldn’t be able to lift it, and goes “But if anyone can do it, Eren can.” :/
        There’s no logical explanation given to how he could pick it up. I think that’s why they didn’t even show him lifting it off the ground, it’s so big I don’t even know how he got his arms around it.

        1. Yeah, that’s what I meant. They mentioned there’s no logical way it’s going to be possible for him to lift the thing.

  2. Not only that. If he can lift that rock, so are the other titans? They could have toppled it over. Other titans are as big as him? The fanboys gave reasoning that it’s because Eren’s titan has more muscle than normal titans. So, they admitted it that he is special/

    1. Isn’t it obvious that he’s special? He killed like twenty of the normal titans in the earlier fight.

      1. This is just my thought, but SPECIAL™ is a bad writing. He should be able to kill a bunch of them because he is not brainless like them, and he is trained to fight, not because he is granted better physical strength.

        1. You can say he is special the same way the colossal titan and the armored titan (from the first two episodes) are special. Even for some of the less remarkable titans were different. Remember the jumping titans who attacked Armin’s and Eren’s party in episode 5? They are the only titans who were seen jumping, so far. The running titan, whom Mikasa quickly slew in the following episode was remarked to be weird for ignoring the guards (I think he is also the only one who ran so far).

          Yeah, some titans are SPECIAL™. But this is something we knew from the start and that have been mentioned with certain frequency through the show. It is not something unique to the protagonist. Although, of course, the protagonist -is- unique, being able to transform in a titan to help people and all.

          1. Exactly. Eren is special. Probably because of some crazy experiment his father did on him when he was a kid. I don’t have a problem with this. There are much bigger problems with the writing than giving Eren special powers.

          2. Out of curiosity, what is exactly your problem with the story so far? As a manga reader, I am curious with this sort of perspective (it is why I read this blog, after all).

            I get you dislike the pacing of the last few episodes, but is there something else?

          3. My main issues are that the pacing is too slow and it’s becoming repetitive. Every episode has lots of people dying, tons of screaming, and some motivational speech about how it’s better to fight than to run away. They need to mix things up a bit more. Screaming and people dying start to lose their effectiveness when it’s happening constantly.

  3. To contribute to the lively discussion above: I’ve been wondering why Eren has to carry that boulder in the first place. It is almost round so couldn’t he roll it?
    Also: Pretty convenient that this boulder is just at hand (inside the city!) and fits exactly in that hole. Perhaps someone placed it in the city beforehand just in case some Titans break through the wall 😉 At least for the armored Titan it should be child’s play to pop the boulder out of the hole again.
    The more I think about it the less I can understand Pixis’ reasoning: Is there any indication that Eren’s Titan is so special? Why not try it out at some safe place first?
    And how did they manage to lose so many soldiers even though they were sitting on top of the wall which the Titans couldn’t climb? Perhaps the soldiers were drunk to cope w/ fear and accidentally fell down the wall?
    As you mention there has been too much shouting and discussing the last few episodes. But I’m looking forward to learn more about the captured Titans. Who might be sitting inside them? Humanity should have captured a Titan long ago, at least capturing a small one should have been manageable!

    1. Actually, Armin mentioned that boulder way back, in the episode 5. Yeah, it is quite convenient, but not exactly absurd, given the damage the Colossal Titan caused and well foreshadowed.

      As for the Armored Titan, yeah, him and Colossal Titan could probably take it out of the way easily. But this is valid for all the gates as well. If the guards were to become over worried with them, they might as well just give up, as there is (apparently) nothing stopping these titans from just breaching all the gates. It took them 5 years between attacks, though, so all it can be done is to hope it takes as much again.

      As for Pixi reasoning, since from the start it was said it was a gamble. He did know at all Eren could do it. But it was worth a shot. Losing again against the titans would be just a regular thing, but winning would really be significant.

      Also, if the original plan was to just have Eren to push the boulder, instead of lifting it, than it is reasonable he could do it even if he wasn’t much stronger than a regular 15m class titan. A common titan doesn’t have enough mind to actually join forces to push the thing away or even to put enough strength into the task. The boulder is not a human, after all, so it is quite likely they would just treat it as part of the background.

    2. It is almost round so couldn’t he roll it?

      YES. THAT WOULD MAKE A MILLION TIMES MORE SENSE. Could roll over some titans on the way as a bonus.

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