Aku no Hana 13 — Endless Montage


Well, the final talk and chase between Nakamura and Kasuga was intense, as usual. Still, I was bored for most of the episode. Aku no Hana moves at a snail’s pace. And I have no patience.

The montage scene was kind of cool. But at the end of the day, it’s still a montage scene.

6 thoughts on “Aku no Hana 13 — Endless Montage

  1. The montage at the end showed most of the stuff I wished the adaptation would’ve reached by 13 episodes. I guess they used the slow pacing and animation style to tease people to check out the manga in which the reader defines his/her own pace and has more conventional styled characters.
    The ending of this arc is fitting, hope those slightly interested in this story would give the manga a go.

  2. Eh. To be honest, her scene where she grabs the notebook and cusses at Kasuga repeatedly… wasn’t properly emoted. The actress who was behind that rotoscope doesn’t seem pissed…more sexually frustrated. Someone needs to pull off a Stanley Kubrick to at least make her rotoscoped herself angry/

    Also, I kinda at least wish that Nakamura has some kind of hint about her personality aside from being a Manic Pixie Nightmare Girl from her own room, but… either she’s mysterious, or just very vague/

    1. Maybe being sexually frustrated was the intention… Nah, I doubt it.

      I think that having such an ordinary room gives the biggest hint of all about Nakamura’s personality. Despite all her attempts at outlandishness, she’s really not that unusual. Her family is perfectly ordinary too.

      1. yeah, what Episode 8’s walking scene proved was that they are scared to realize how bloody normal they are, hidden beneath walls of teenage pretentiousness.

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