Dog and Scissors — First Impressions


Ha ha ha ha. Abuse! Ha ha ha. The main character’s breasts aren’t bigger than her head. Does she even qualify as female? Hilarious! Truly the height of comedy.

Aside from the fact that most of the jokes centered around the size of the main character’s breasts the show wasn’t that bad. Pretty big aside though. Seriously, do there exist people who find these “jokes” funny?


But I am intrigued by the premise, what with the main character being turned into a dog and his obsession over books. If they can focus the humor on these other aspects this could turn out all right.

Eh, who am I kidding. Like that’s gonna happen.

4 thoughts on “Dog and Scissors — First Impressions

  1. Wait, there’s breasts to be made fun of? Honestly, those don’t even qualify as mosquito bites. ;P

    Legit, I thought she was male… until I watched the first episode.

    1. Yeah, just like the girl in Queen’s Blade with the enormous breasts and long hair that everyone thought was male. For this one confusion is slightly more plausible…

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