Shingeki no Kyojin 14 – 16 — Touching Their Bodies Directly


Episode fifteen was great, particularly with the mad scientist’s lengthy monologue. Poor Sonny and Bean! You will never be forgotten!

Episode fifteen reminded me that this show can still be enjoyable when it mixes things up. Yet it seems stuck repeating the same old routine over and over again, week after week.


Case in point: episode fourteen. All seems lost. Eren is about to be executed. Then Eren rises to the occasion and gives yet another “inspiring” speech. The theme: that it’s better to fight than to roll over and die. Great. We get it already. I feel like someone already gave a rousing speech on exactly this same topic. Oh, that’s right. Every. Bloody. Episode.

This speech was a great improvement, however, in that Levi immediately proceeded to beat the shit out of Eren afterwards. That was nice.

Episode sixteen was likewise pretty dull. What are the new recruits going to choose, to fight or to stay safe? I wonder… Do we really need to spend an entire episode rehashing the same old arguments from the second episode once more? When will it ever end?

One final thought: I like how the recon squad keeps track of not only a kill count, but an assist count as well. What is this, basketball?

4 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin 14 – 16 — Touching Their Bodies Directly

  1. Shingeki no Kyojin, the anime of “not getting anywhere”. Looking at the OP, I can tell you that this 2nd will only cover one specific plot/arc/whatever it called. I bet this anime will have the same episode count as it’s manga chapter count; just like One Piece/Bleach/whatever shounen out there. But there’s another possibility of Production IG announcing, “We are ending it here, please read the manga if you want to know the continuation”. Hahaha.

    1. At this point I don’t really care much if they leave the story unfinished, it’s getting pretty boring and repetitive.

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