Shingeki no Kyojin 22 — Better a Living Dog Than a Dead Lion


This show sure loves to beat us over the head with its themes. Seriously, we get it already. People die in war!

So the people have a choice: they could all go hide under their beds and get eaten by Titans. Or they could fight the Titans and possibly only some of them would be eaten by Titans. This doesn’t seem like a very difficult choice.

Now, when people do this thing called “dying” in war, they tend to leave behind these things called “corpses”. Again, the soldiers are presented with a difficult choice: is it worth creating more corpses to bring the corpses home? Such difficult ethical questions this show continues to present us with. What would you do? Ditch the corpses, or increase your chances of not dying?


This kid just summarized the first 22 episodes of Shingeki no Kyojin. See, this isn’t too complicated. Even little kids get it.


Mikasa is badass. Levi is just ridiculous.

9 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin 22 — Better a Living Dog Than a Dead Lion

  1. I’m more willing to forgive the whole going back for the corpses thing since they made it seem like bringing in the corpses was super important to people during episode 1 and Trost. It’s still pretty fucking silly though.

    Guess it makes sense that it was silly, since nearly this entire episode is anime original.

    1. Its not silly at all. Imagine this. Your entire family disappeared when they went for a trip to a foreign country while you stayed at home for some reason.

      Do you want to see their bodies or are you going to hang to the notion they could be dead, they could be kidnapped, they could be forced to become beggers/prostitutes in some place far away?

      As for silliness, dumping on something due to it being “filler” is true silliness. This shows a lack of ability to evaluate something objectively.

      1. I could understand why the soldiers would have been willing to recover the corpses (though I would definitely be of Levi’s mind on the topic. It is, after all, the same reason why people can be so irrational about organ donations. I mean, dead is dead, even if it’s you or one of your relatives. If you are rational and want to honour someone’s memory you cling to what they said, did, and wrote, not to the lump of soon-to-rot flesh they left behind). What really gives this episode out as filler, however, is that the cretin who violated a direct order, endangered and effectively caused the death of more of his companions just to do something that ultimately, from a practical point of view, was pointless, didn’t get executed on the spot or at least jailed. You know, discipline. That kind of thing that usually keeps together every army ever.

      2. Nah, this anime original story is bad. Really bad.
        We don’t need another Jean and Armin moping on “When is our turn?” We get that already! We have seen them countless times already! Can’t it become something that only happened in the background?

        Of course, the real hammer on the nail is how forgiving Levi is, in the anime. That blonde guy deserves a punch in the face, and a military trial when he gets back.

        Also, comparing this situation to us normal folks, is wrong. These guys are SOLDIERs. I have said it in the past, this anime is bad because these people acted like high schoolers, instead. Yeah, it’s totally normal for high schoolers to go against their class rep / student council president / homeroom teacher. But. It’s not OK for a soldier to yell at his commander, “Do you have heart?” I am really gonna mess him up if I were his commander.

    2. Yeah, I can totally understand them wanting to go back for the corpses. But with regards to the commanders it seems like an obvious decision. Bring back some dead bodies or leave some more dead bodies behind? Shouldn’t be too hard.

    1. Also he was the only soldier until now to show enough brains to be careful about going for the kill and instead settling for slowing down the titan and take from her only what they needed. Learn, Petra & co. (oh, wait, you can’t because you’re DEAD).

    2. Yeah. If someone were to ask one thing that the anime has done right in this episode, it’s definitely Levi’s stunts. In the manga, it only happens in three pages, totally leaves no impression.
      In the anime, it was totally cool. The way he tailed behind her. The way he sees her hair movement to foretell when she will turn around to punch him. As soon as she does, he performed an epic and perfect counter, there. +some godlike assaults. I bet most of this episode’s budget went there.

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