Uchouten Kazoku 10 — Betrayal


Wow, what an evil bastard. Not that Benten is much better.

I’d like to point out one thing from this scene though: the brother calls Benten Suzuki Satomi. I don’t recall any of the other tanuki calling her by her given name? I imagine this might be significant.


The dignity that the father conducts himself with throughout this scene is pretty amazing. I can see why his family respects him so much. His brother betrays him to get turned into a hot pot, and he acts like he isn’t even phased.

He did seem a bit relieved that the professor wasn’t aware of Benten’s plan, however. I wonder what role the professor will play this time?

And I have to brag a bit, I totally called last week that somebody in the family would be turned into hot pot by their relatives. Not that it wasn’t obvious… but…


Anyway, since I’m on a roll, I’ll call it again: their evil plan is going to fail because of the brother they thought was so insignificant and harmless that they left him in the well. Let’s see if I can go two for two.

2 thoughts on “Uchouten Kazoku 10 — Betrayal

  1. at this episode, Suzuki Satomi did not join Friday Fellow yet, so she didn’t have Benten name, only member of Friday Fellow get seven lucky gods name.

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