Shingeki no Kyojin 23 — Not Everyone’s an Idiot After All!


Whoa. What. Just. Happened. Suddenly this show doesn’t suck anymore. Actually, that was pretty darn awesome.

Just in time for it to end…

For once, Shingeki no Kyojin does plotting and trickery correctly. The key thing they did right is that, instead of endless exposition of the characters saying how confused they are, they actually fooled the audience. I’m sure I’m not the only person who completely believed that they were actually sneaking Eren out.


The whole time I was worried because they went straight to the person who had apparently tried to kidnap Eren for help. Eventually I began to trust her… a little bit. And right after I start to trust her, they try to go down the staircase.

That scene was intense. After the viewer has just enough time for the implications of her refusal to sink in, we see the survey corps members hidden along the rooftops. After some tense negotiations, Mikasa draws her blades (her DUAL blades) and Annie gets rushed by a horde of crazy people. Damn.

Next week is going to be epic.

I wonder why Annie is doing this? I’m guessing she has some noble sounding reason. I’d like to say it’s opposing the corruption of the king, but having an enemy outside the walls is what gives the king his power. The other obvious theory (mentioned, I believe, in an earlier episode) is that an enemy was created to force mankind to come together. That doesn’t seem to be working out well though. Another possibility I see is that some group created the Titans and then lost control of them.



One last thought: ouch. But very true. Eren and Jean do both have the same nasty look in their eyes.

11 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin 23 — Not Everyone’s an Idiot After All!

    1. This anime is stupidly popular already. It exploded surpassing most, if not all, of the big names already. A second season is an inevitability at this point.

    2. The director should have used most of the available manga material during this 1st season, instead of adding recaps and silly anime original plots, just to drag the episode as long as possible every time, in order to end it in cliffhanger every time.

      Now that there are not much material left, they should wait for another three years. Otherwise we are getting the same awful pace.

      1. There might be about 15 chapters of material by the time they end this season. If they wait until next year for the second season, they might have just enough I guess?

        1. Based on the pace of this season, I’d imagine that 15 chapters would be plenty. I hope they won’t actually do it though…

        2. Are you sure? That makes a total of mere 27 chapters, which means 1.125 chapter for each anime episode. The pacing will be even more awful than this season 1. I think the most ideal manga adaptation is three chapters for one episode.

  1. I’m guessing they really dragged out the expedition/forest plot for the anime to have the season able to end near the high point (titan Annie reveal). It would be bad taste to leave this season on a major cliffhanger (which still might happen). I just remember the manga flew through the expedition plot much faster and less painful than the anime.

    1. Just imagine if they had ended the season after this episode. I would have killed them.

      Manga always seems to flow much faster than anime for me. You can always just turn the pages faster if you’re bored. Or if you’re excited you can also turn the pages faster…

  2. I like Attack on Titan far more than you, but I’ll agree with you about this episode – it definitely stands out, a real highlight in the series. Terrific stuff.

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