Uchouten Kazoku 11 — Intermission


This was an interesting choice for an episode. Right when the tension is at its highest and everyone is about to get eaten, we spend half the episode with comic relief as this guy wears an iron diaper and makes a fool of himself.

I can’t exactly say it was a poor decision though. These guys are amusing to watch. And a second capture of course provides the opportunity for a second rescue. It was pretty pathetic how quickly Yasaburou was captured. Especially when he managed to get captured by these two morons.



I’m not quite sure what to make of Benten rescuing Yasaburou. Given my low opinion of her, I suspect her main motivation is that she wants to capture him herself. But perhaps there’s something else to it.

When Yasaburou says that she can get anything she wants, Benten replies that she’s never gotten anything she wants. Recall the conversation in an earlier episode where Benten said that she liked Yasaburou so much she would absolutely have to eat him. I imagine that this episode’s statement is more along the lines of her realizing that she desired was ultimately¬†unfulfilling.



Next week should be an exciting showdown between little bro and the two idiots. My money is on little bro winning by the two idiots defeating themselves without him doing anything. And Yajirou doing something.


5 thoughts on “Uchouten Kazoku 11 — Intermission

    1. Putting the brothers aside, I find Soun fine. Sure his reason are petty, but at least he isn’t presenting himself like a bumbling buffoon.

    2. The brothers are running jokes more than they are villains. I think the father is sort of an interesting villain though. We’ll see if they’ll be able to play off his feelings for the mother more.

  1. Maybe it’s just how they did their character designs, but does anyone else feel like Kaisei and Yasaburo’s human forms look similar? I mean, they’re distinct but their facial features and sweaters have a lot in common

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