Shingeki no Kyojin 25 — It’s Over



I agree, Jean. That’s how I’ve felt about this entire show.

Best part of the episode was the story in the commercial break eyecatch. That’s just sad. Well and Mikasa stepping on giant Annie’s head was cool.

7 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin 25 — It’s Over

  1. Pointless plot is pointless. Compared to some lesser anime, I don’t really what kind of moral message from this anime. In order to beat a monster, you have to become a monster yourself. Ruin people’s house. Step on them. Squish them like some bugs. Oh yeah. Why are they so sure that capturing Annie will reveal very important information so that it’s worthy to sacrifice so many innocent lives? She could be just some lowest ranking soldier from the enemy’s side for all we know.

    1. Someone commented the other week that this is considered a right-wing, militaristic show in Japan, and the Titans are believed to represent the Chinese. I think the message becomes much more meaningful (in a terrifying way) when you consider it from this perspective.

      I guess that even a low-ranking foot soldier’s information is way more than they currently know, so it would still be worth it.

  2. Please tell me you saw the very very end? I agree with you, that the show had no message in the end but it had this huge, just gigantic cliffhanger in last frames. u defently have to watch it, if you don’t know what i mean.

    On the one hand, the show makey me really depressive but on the other hand i can’t stop watching it because it is that mutch interesting and original.

    1. Crap, I totally stopped at the ED! Just went back and saw the ending and am laughing so hard right now. What a twist…

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