Shinryaku!? Ika Musume — First Impression

Have no fear, Ika-chan, this isn’t the end!

The second season’s title is differentiated by an added question mark. That’s so last year. They should have gone with Shinryaku! Ika Musume’.

Anyway, it’s back to the same sort of comedy we saw in the first season. The first segment has Ika-chan finish watching a movie about alien invaders who are tragically defeated. She goes around mistaking everything for weapons to be used against her, and ends up getting in trouble with Chizuru. A good way to reintroduce all the characters without things getting tedious.

The second segment features Sanae getting jealous over squid girl’s new friends. Sanae deduces that she’s in last place in terms of squid girl’s possible lovers, but decides it’s better to be hated than to elicit feelings of indifference. Ika-musume verbally abuses Sanae, she seems to enjoy it.

We end with a jellyfish catching competition. Squid girl uses her tentacles to great advantage, but tangles herself up and gets stung. The scientists cheat and win.

I’m not going to blog this, since (as you can see) I usually have very little to say about comedies. There’s nothing more boring than someone explaining what was funny. I’ll definitely be watching though— it seems to have retained the sense of humor that made the first season so successful. Let’s just hope they don’t run out of jokes and use the same ones over and over again. Most long-running comedies seem to fall prey to that eventually; hopefully Ika Musume will be an exception.

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