SKET Dance — First Impression

I never imagined I’d be saying this, but SKET Dance actually managed to make Ookami-san look good in comparison. The premise is basically the same— it follows a club that’s purpose is to do favors for people in the school. The first episode started with them doing a favor for a transfer student.

The characters are bland shounen stereotypes. The punchline of every joke is people YELLING REALLY LOUD, because that’s really funny, HAHAHAHA. I don’t think I managed to crack a smile the entire episode. The music is terrible and completely misplaced. I think it’s supposed to make the characters look cool or something but they just seem like idiots.

As for the “mystery”, it was way too obvious. But it gives our heroes a chance to prevent bullying, the true enemy for heroes of justice! Really, it’s these club members who should be the bullies’ targets. If I went to this school I would join in. The guy with the hat and goggles, and the guy who speaks through a laptop are just asking for it. And what in the world was with that guy’s goggles mode power where he overheated and came up with a plan? He’s putting on more airs than Victorique, except he’s a complete moron.  Obviously, I’m not planning to continue watching this.

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