Space Bros 07 — Rollin’ Like a Mutta

These metaphors are becoming a bit of a stretch.

Mutta’s character is well developed now, but it remains to be seen what they can do with it. Hopefully after Mutta saves the day from the evil man with the fire extinguisher due to his ridiculous attention to detail we can move on and get to the meat of this story.

Having Mutta save the day does seem like a bit of a cheap shot to make him get in. But I guess as Mutta says, it all boils down to luck. And this is certainly a stroke of luck.

America: Land of Engrish

This episode made my exercise in pointing out inaccuracies of the series’ portrayal of Houston way too easy. But let’s do it anyway.

First of all, the main newspaper in Houston is called the Houston Chronicle, not the journal. Second, they clearly attempted to copy the New York Times’ slogan, but forgot some key details, such as the “to” between “fit” and “print”. Finally, if you look closely, most of this newspaper’s content seems like random text taken from a tourist brochure. The headlines seem like they were stolen from a US government textbook.

First problem: no one cares about Japanese basketball players. Even non-Japanese basketball players aren’t going to make it to the front page for making their team win. That’s their job. Maybe if they commit a crime or are involved in a sex scandal… Then the article itself is about anime and manga in France. The content of this particular article was stolen from this site. I’m sure I could find more of the articles if I looked harder. And of course, 99% of Americans couldn’t care less about anime and manga.

Take a look at some of the other shocking headlines from the newspaper. “The concept of self-government did not originate with the Americans.” Really, you think? “The diversity of the American people has increased.” Ahahaha.

“Houston Television Service News”. This sounds like it’s a channel for television repairmen. And the talk of the hour is the “Crushed Large dump truck !” Of course we had to capitalize “Large” there and add a space before the exclamation mark. Not to mention the fact that no one will have any clue what they’re talking about.

Guys. Come on. It’s not that hard to pronounce. How did this guy get a job as a news anchor? Even CNN isn’t this bad.

And MIT is a center for groundbreaking world class research, such as their work in “Human Resource Development of Space Development.”

Here , on the left, you’ll notice that the newspaper didn’t even bother to fill in their headlines. Plus we rarely have such accurate depictions of the “Crime Modus Operandi” in newspapers.

This is getting too easy. These were all fairly minor issues though. There’s a bigger problem with this setup.

No one in Houston has pulled out a concealed weapon and shot the guy with the fire extinguisher. INACCURATE.

4 thoughts on “Space Bros 07 — Rollin’ Like a Mutta

  1. The fire extinguisher man thing felt like a cheap plot trick that was totally predictable. Also I can understand if mutta is intelligent but since when did he become shaun spencer.

    1. They’ve been hinting at it for a while, like with the screw on the chair. But yeah, I was kind of surprised that he remembered every single person in the room.

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