Space Bros 08 — Seizing Luck

Ozzy must be a retired TV spokesman. The man knows how to tell a story!

I wonder if Ozzy is aware of Mutta’s history of giving headbutts? That small, critical detail makes it so that viewers who have seen Mutta’s previous headbutts actually believe the story at first.

I was wondering last episode why they showed Mutta on TV before showing what he actually did. But it worked out well for a neat storytelling trick, first telling Ozzy’s version of events and only hearing the truth from Mutta himself afterwards. Say what you will about Space Brothers, it certainly knows how to tell even the simplest of stories in an interesting and unique way.

Mutta’s version of events, after hearing the heroic tale, is hilarious. He was actually trying to escape by himself and save his dog, not capture the criminal.

But he seizes the moment and lies through his teeth! Truly, Mutta is a man with the drive and passion to make his own luck and become an astronaut.

Oh, wait. He just wanted to impress the girls. This is why Mutta is such a relatable character. He’s simple and spontaneous.

Mutta is almost as pleased to pass the exam as he is that Serika sent him a text message.

In the end, the candidates are chosen based purely on emotions. But it’s by the emotions of the boss, of course.

Not much to say about this episode’s portrayal of America. Ozzy and his wife continue to be 100% elderly Japanese people. The above fence looks like it’s made of bamboo or something. Fences in Texas are made of barbed wire. Also they wouldn’t call Mutta “Mr. Mutta” on TV when Mutta is his first name.

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