Steins; Gate 06 — D-Mail

Christina has some terrible naming sense. They had a list of pretty decent names— Nostalgia Mail, the Mail that Leapt through Time, DeLorean mail— and she decides to go with D-mail. Shorter is not necessarily better. But naming sense aside, the dialogue in this show continues to be top notch. It just flows really smoothly, in spite / because of Okarin’s ridiculous comments.

We get another beautiful evil laugh from Okarin as well. His voice actor deserves an award for this. I still can’t believe it’s the same guy who did Setsuna F. Seiei, my least favorite character of all time. I guess it goes to show that voice acting isn’t everything.

Now for the conspiracy theories. I’m wondering if Moeka Kiryuu (cellphone girl) is John Titor. She is looking for the IBN 5100 after all, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she posted on message boards. Seems a bit too obvious but you never know. Suzuha (CRT girl) also seems to be from the future, but I can’t really see her as being John Titor. She doesn’t appear to care about the IBN 5100 and seems too genuinely horrified about Christina. Perhaps Okarin actually succeeds at time travel and Christina does something using it, and Suzuha was sent to prevent it.

Moeka gives me a bad feeling though, since she appears to know more than they do about time travel, asking about the FB. It kind of makes you wonder if she is with CERN (or has some other evil intentions). Although I doubt CERN would need to look for an IBN 5100… perhaps she wants to stop CERN but to go to some other extreme in controlling the future. Overall the conspiracy is continuing to develop nicely, but is being set on the backburner to the great dialogue and character development.

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