Moshidora Review — B

Long title: What If a Female Manager of a High School Baseball Team Read Drucker’s Management. The premise doesn’t seem very promising, but the show did manage to come together nicely. It’s quite corny, there’s no getting around that, but the show has a certain earnestness and straightforwardness which makes me forgiving of the cheesy drama and predictable events. It’s like the creators know the show is corny, but instead of trying to gloss over it they just face it head on. I found it kind of refreshing.

The highlight for me was the segments involving Drucker’s book. We learn about marketing, the customers, and innobetion. It’s hilarious how all of the baseball team managers end up getting their own copy and quote from it like it’s the Gospel. All with their curious pronunciation of key words. 🙂

The characters are interesting, but don’t all get enough time to develop in the short length of the show. I don’t think that much could have been done about this. The characters do tend to be rather corny again, but I find that part of the charm. Yuki is is the stereotypical kind sickly girl, Minami is mostly average all around and hates baseball for the corniest reason imaginable, freckle boy is a nervous wreck,  etc. My personal favorite is Ayano, whose main line is “Um. Ah. Hai”.

The corniness did cross the line on the second to last episode, though, when the whole cast spent the entire episode wailing. Minami’s ranting also made no sense whatsoever. I felt that this was by far the weakest point of the entire show and completely out of place in a show which was otherwise entirely upbeat. Fortunately in the final episode it managed to recover its mood, but the damage was already done. The creators seemed to also entirely forget about Drucker for the last few episodes, which made for some of the best segments originally.

  • Plot / Script – 9 / 10 – Corny but overall solid.
  • Characters – 8 / 10 – Again, solid, but not too much depth.
  • Production – 8 / 10 – Not spectacular, but decent and consistent.
  • Overall – B

Recommendations – Giant Killing, Kamichu

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