Ano Hana 05 — As Tears Go By

Lots of crying this episode. I wouldn’t say it was over the top though, they were certainly appropriate times to cry, aside from Menma’s fit at the end.  She’s a little kid though so we can forgive her. Matsuyuki’s tears were tears of MANLINESS that only someone wearing a dress can shed, so that’s all good. And Anaru almost got raped so getting teary-eyed is ok.

I really liked how they dealt with Matsuyuki’s cross-dressing in this episode. In most other shows everyone would be making fun of the guy who cross-dressed. But aside from the intial shock, his friends are actually really supportive. Anaru calls him a cross-dresser and runs away from him, but you can tell her heart isn’t in it. And Matsuyuki’s relationship with Jinta has actually improved from revealing his hobby. This is really the reaction that makes the most sense, and it’s nice to have such reasonable and accepting characters.

As for Anaru, she really needs to ditch those “friends” of hers. Talk about bitches. I didn’t think anyone played the “maybe we shouldn’t be friends with you” game after elementary school. Tsurumi’s observation about both Anaru and Matsuyuki needing to change clothes was spot on. I’m really looking forward to the episodes featuring Tsurumi. Hopefully they’ll let her become something more than just the smart person. Same thing goes for Hisakawa except without being smart.

The extra segment from the past was not what I was expecting. A love quadrangle among eight year olds. I have difficulty imagining children of that age falling in love, much less feeling the same way more than five years later. Perhaps this is more reflective of me than the anime. But regardless, the future flashbacks are going to need more temporal variety. I feel that they need to look at more than the day of Menma’s death to fully flesh out the characters’ past relationships.

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  1. In Japan its understood that kids fall in love younger than in the west. I had my first crushes pretty early actually, although the depth of them was different and much less sexual.

    I don’t see why Anaru had so much trouble getting rid of that rapist. You still have to pay at the hotel, so even if she went in it doesn’t mean she was gonna get it…just scream in public and someone would do something.

    Do you notice the smart girl is always drawing Menma, even in class for some reason? I’m looking forward to finding out what she thought of Menma, outside of her taking away her Yukiatsu. Poppo seems to have some issues too, what with leaving the flowers for Menma late at night and then impulsively rushing to Jintin’s house because in a moment of loneliness he wants to see Menma.

    1. Anaru could have screamed and someone would have done something about it, but I think the question is would she have. There’s the possibility she might have just gone along with it to fit in with her friends… But yeah, I think she would have been able to get rid of him too. Still, Matsuyuki showing up certainly helped make it easier.

      Yes, I have noticed Tsurumi drawing pictures of Menma during class. With Poppo it’s hard to tell whether he’s going to Jinta’s house because he misses Menma or because he’s hungry though. 🙂

  2. Thank goodness, I found someone who doesn’t bitch out Yukiatsu. I also believe that his tears are tears of manliness. Lately all I’ve been reading are reviews which mock his cross-dressing, that’s why I’m glad I found a pro Yukiatsu.

    I’m truly enjoying this series, the characters’ emotions are very realistic.

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