Hidan no Aria 05 — Wow

This episode redefined the meaning of the word terrible. I actually praised Hidan no Aria’s last episode, mainly because of Riko, but this time I couldn’t forgive the nonsensical plot and actions of the characters even with Riko and Kinji in hysteria mode.

Let’s look at what happens this episode. Aria gets shot, and to treat her wound, Kinji takes off her clothes, straddles her, and gives her an injection. I’m pretty sure this is not how you should treat bullet wounds. Then Aria immediately wakes up, and does the usual routine of yelling at him for being a pervert. Her voice is one of the most annoying things I’ve ever heard. Kinji kisses her to enter hysteria mode.

Riko finds them, and they team up on her and cut her hair (Kinji cuts a bullet in half with his sword). Riko enters Medusa mode, and then runs away. Later, Kinji corners Riko on the plane where she has surrounded herself with bombs. She blows the wall out, jumps out of the plane, pulls off her school uniform, and uses it as a parachute. At this point I completely lost it. Riko quickly follows up with a missile barrage which precisely takes out two engines. I guess those were hidden in her uniform too.

From this point it only gets worse, as Aria and Kinji collaborate with their classmates to land the plane. The government, to control damage to their image, decides it’s better to shoot down the plane themselves than to let it potentially crash land at the airport. Whoever made that decision had better get sacked after this.

The next ten minutes are a snoozefest of radio calls and looking at the fuel meter. When they land at the school ten minutes later, their classmates have prepared hundreds of spotlights powered by their own individual windmills to light the way to the landing strip. Right. The remainder of the episode is some corny drama about Aria leaving again, getting stopped at the last minute and jumping out of a flying helicopter. (I’m sure there’s more to complain about in there, but I wasn’t really paying attention anymore).

I’m actually thinking about picking this show up mid-season for blogging— it sucks, but there’s certainly a lot to say about it. If next weeks episode is either good or terrible I’ll probably pick it up, if it’s average I won’t.

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