Steins; Gate 07 — Swapping Timelines

Now the mystery and time travel aspects of the story begin to deepen as Kyouma attempts to use the time machine to change the past. Instead of trying to bring world peace, Kyouma tries to win the lottery. Only third place though, since winning first would only serve to draw the Organization’s attention. They fail to win due to writing the number down wrong, but do manage to change both the past and future into a brighter one with more Dr. Pepper.

The strange part is that Kyouma is the only one who remembers the old timeline, the same thing that happened when Christina was killed. Now who changed the timeline to prevent Christina from dying? Was it CERN, and was the intention even to save Christina? It seems that it must be something related to her, since it’s too much of a coincidence for a satellite to fall through the roof of the same building. Crashing a satellite does seem like a rather drastic action to take though.

My other question is what happens to the memories of Kyouma from the new timeline. It seems that they’re just overwritten with the memories from the old timeline.

And Kyouma once again interacts with John Titor. He really needs to just meet up with John Titor. I still have my suspicions that Titor is Moeka, considering that she always talks on her cell phone and wants the IBN 5100. The shot of her while John Titor was speaking seemed suggestive as well.

Now that Kyouma has become the Messiah, hopefully he won’t feel overwhelmed with responsibility or anything. Remember that your first duty is as a mad scientist, not as a savior!

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