Steins; Gate 08 — Genderswap

This episode consisted of Kyouma trying random things to change the past. The things he did seemed innocuous enough, but I think they’re going to end up having larger consequences than it initially seems. This is especially the case with Moeka’s message. I don’t think anyone actually saw what she typed, and I’m very curious as to whether she actually sent the message she said she was going to. Kyouma didn’t check very thoroughly to figure out what changed from the past, and I’m wondering if the IBN is still lying around his lab.

My suspicions about John Titor’s identity have shifted from Moeka to part-time girl with this episode. She seems awfully familiar with John Titor’s message and curious about Kyouma’s reaction. Plus she does seem to know something about Christina from the future. Perhaps she even had something to do with Christina getting killed in the alternate timeline.

Somehow Ruka’s gender has managed to become even more ambiguous with this episode. I doubt that he’s a girl now, if only because eating habits don’t actually influence gender. Still, if the message was sent not while Ruka’s mother was pregnant but before, it’s possible that Ruka has become a male.

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