Stein’s Gate 15 — I am mad scientist!

In this episode Suzuha explains her mission and what happens in the future. It turns out to be a dystopian society ruled by CERN, where Christina is revered as the creator of the time machine, and Okabe is considered a terrorist who led the resistance that Suzuha belonged to. Suzuha has actually gone back in time not only to find her father, but also to find the IBN 5100 to hack into CERN’s database and delete their records of Okabe’s messages along with their knowledge of his invention of the time machine. Daru works on fixing Suzuha’s time machine so that she can complete her mission and save Mayushii in the process.

It seems increasingly likely that Daru is Suzuha’s father, as I predicted. Seems like we should find out for sure next episode. The conversation between them was nice, but a bit heavy-handed in my opinion. It’s become a bit too obvious that Daru is her father. Even Mayushii has noticed. Or perhaps all this is just a red herring…? (I doubt it)

Heavy-handed would describe much of this episode, actually. The entire explanation of the future from Suzuha may have revealed a bit more than necessary, and it seems to be a rather generic dystopian future. I’m sure there’s more to it, but I’m still a bit disappointed. I’m the kind of person who enjoys the mystery and the process of finding the solution more than the solution itself.

The biggest question that remains now is Moeka— what is she doing and who is FB? Since she is trying to prevent the invention of the time machine, I’m guessing that she doesn’t work for CERN. Perhaps she’s from a different resistance group than Suzuha, whose goal is to stop CERN by preventing the invention of the time machine entirely. This seems like a much better plan, actually, except for the fact that she’s already too late.

2 thoughts on “Stein’s Gate 15 — I am mad scientist!

  1. Regarding Moeka, she isn’t trying to stop the invention of the time machine but rather to stop them from announcing to te world that they have made a time machine (last ep).

    With Suzuha’s info this ep, it seems more likely that Moeka is part of a group called Rounder (mercenary?) that SERN calls up when their global signal spying network picks up anything on time travel. Their main purpose seems to be collecting all the IBN5100 computers but also acts as instructed by SERN

    1. Rounder being a group working for CERN makes sense as well. I was kind of assuming that Moeka is getting her orders from the future on her cellphone and that FB is in the future, but this is purely speculative (and compatible with either theory). I like the idea of them collecting the IBN5100s for CERN (Rounder –> IBN5100 Round-up?).

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