Steins; Gate 19 — Domestic Violence

ArcRewrite doesn't sound suspicious at all... What could they possibly do?

Now this is more like it! I was a bit worried with Steins; Gate’s recent string of episodes focusing on the addition of new haremettes, but Moeka’s case is fortunately not so simple.

Probably the most frightening part of this episode for Okabe- to come back from a time leap and discover he's been caught eating Christina's pudding.

In the initial episodes, Moeka was one of the characters I liked the least, mainly because she never talked. She came across as unemotional and level-headed. This episode disabused me of that notion. She broke her silence, but didn’t speak so much as scream and wail. She is a broken character, with an overriding dependence on FB. The whole scene with Okabe and Moeka in her apartment was downright intense. I wouldn’t say I *like* Moeka now by any stretch of the imagination, but I can say that she’s managed to capture my attention and a bit of sympathy.

Okabe has changed a lot. He went from a boastful yet timid mad scientist into someone willing to physically assault a woman in her home. His character has taken on a darker tone: how much of his beatdown was to save Mayushii, and how much was for revenge? His recovery when that woman walked in was… creative. Transforming a scene of domestic abuse into a rape scene. Of course that is completely socially acceptable, so the woman lets out a giggle about “lovers these days” and walks away. Anime… *sigh*. Yet it disturbingly mimics reality. Okabe shows a hint of sympathy for Moeka towards the end, but then leaves her crying on the floor.

As for speculation, I’ll be honest: I have no idea who FB is, except it’s probably someone we already met. Maybe Daru is a double agent… I kid, I kid. But perhaps if Okabe can recover the IBN5100, knowing FB’s identity won’t be necessary. This seems like a logical first step, at least.

And I have to wonder: how did Mayushii die at the comics festival? I’ll be interested to hear that one. Okabe has really come to trust and rely on Christina- I’m guessing he’ll need to eventually trust the rest of his harem (and Moeka) with the truth to free everyone from their fate.

4 thoughts on “Steins; Gate 19 — Domestic Violence

  1. It’s the exact same scene from the VN. She probably died from a heart failure in the Comic Market like Ruka’s alternative ending…

    1. Thanks, good to know! I guess that’s why they didn’t show it- her death was much more exciting in my imagination. πŸ™‚

  2. Lol. Nice title. If you think that woman was going to waste her time trying to see what was going on you are sadly mistaken. And just like with the VN, yeah, you seen FB before loads of time in the story. Although, might be surprise to some who it is….

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