Sword Art Online 08 — Oppression of the Beaters

Poor, poor Kirito. Just because he’s a beater, everyone in Sword Art Online hates him. Life is just so unfair!

Sure, Kirito seems to be one of the wealthiest players in Sword Art Online. He could easily afford Asuna’s luxury home, and the price of a super-duper rare rabbit carcass to use in a stew is chump change to him.  Maybe he is ten levels higher than pretty much anyone else in the game, and has the power to fight on the front lines by himself.

But it’s Kirito who is the one being oppressed. He is working so hard, and deserves everything he got! These plebeians are just so ungrateful! Hell, this is basically class warfare! And after all he did for them, too, getting them to the 75th floor. Maybe the producers like Kirito should call a strike. What would those moochers say then, huh?!

The Joy of MMOs

This is basically why I hate MMOs. Everything is so oversimplified, it’s boring. Fighting consists of running around and pressing ten different buttons. Cooking is just dragging and dropping multiple things in a pot. And most of the game is spent killing the same creatures over and over again with the repetitive combat system and hoping the thing you’re looking for drops. It’s so boring.

I think the same thing about games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Why would you waste your time getting good at mashing a combination of five buttons to play an imaginary guitar when you could, you know… learn to play an actual guitar? I don’t get it.

Back to MMOs: sure, there’s a social aspect. But why do I need to bore myself to death in some game to be social? Why not do things with people in real life, or write a blog, or get on twitter? There are so many better, more time-efficient forms of social interaction.

MMOs are a giant waste of time. And Sword Art Online is no different. They’ve already been at this for two years?!!! Damn. Yet somehow it feels like absolutely nothing has changed since the last episode.

Asuna, the Damsel in Distress

I don’t really like where they’re going with Asuna here. Sure, she’s the vice-commander of the world’s strongest guild, but she’s really just a weak girly-girl who needs Kirito to protect her and eat her cooking!

Not only does she spend most of the episode where she belongs (in the kitchen, of course!) she also falls and Kirito gropes her. Plus Kirito needs to defend her from her own guild members! Did they really need to make that guy look like such a stereotypical villain? I honestly felt bad for him. He was just doing his job. Why didn’t they just invite him to go along with them?

Oh, and this hooded guy was totally not suspicious or anything. I’m sure we will never see him again.

I’ve been complaining about everything, but don’t get me wrong: this show finally seems to be going somewhere, and I’m grateful for that. A questionable direction is still a huge improvement over no direction.

22 thoughts on “Sword Art Online 08 — Oppression of the Beaters

    1. Yeah, he does look like a fairly generic boss character… I’m not sure why they are so shocked at seeing him. Or why they are not more concerned about entering the boss room on their own.

  1. While I enjoy sophisticated shows like Steins;Gate and Code Geass (so far my favorite anime) I also enjoy action series (Fate/anything and Hellsing), so my question is this: is this series good as an action series (good battle scenes and lots of shiny lights?).
    Also, are there any other good action series that came out lately?

    1. I don’t think it’s that great as an action series. Most of it is just stills of people slashing things. There isn’t much of a back of forth in the battles, at least not so far.

      Good action series… Well, Fate/Zero as you mentioned. Jormungand was ok although I wouldn’t call it great. Tiger and Bunny had some good action sequences, and so did Ben-To come to think of it.

  2. Eugh, yeah, they really did add quite the misogynistic touch in the anime here. For what it’s worth, I thought they did a pretty good job avoiding making Asuna a weak and helpless little damsel in distress in the novel (until volume 3 *sigh*). Dang, this is why I wanted to avoid reading ahead of the anime, but it’s way too late for that.

    Oh, and it kinda made me laugh… part of the reason why they assigned guards to Asuna was because she kept getting creeped on by guys. But then Kuradeel goes and creeps on her by stalking her at her house.

    1. Haha assigning that guy as the guard definitely defeated the purpose. They should have sent two guards so they could guard her from each other.

  3. Good action is about characterization rather than realism, so if you liked the way it was done, then it’s good. For me, SAO is not great when it comes to action.

    1. Agreed. Realism is overrated. I’d rather watch an action show like Hellsing than some silly show where people die when they’re killed.

  4. Truth be told, I’m very close to dropping this one. I might have been ready to stay on if this episode came in after maybe ep. 3, but at this point I’ve lost pretty much all investment I had in any of the characters. This episode and the ones that preceded it really were a lot like watching someone play a real MMORPG which to be frank is one of the dullest activities on Earth. At least the first few episodes put some spirit into the game mechanic exposition.

    1. a lot like watching someone play a real MMORPG which to be frank is one of the dullest activities on Earth

      I’m impressed, you found an activity that we can all agree is more boring than playing an MMORPG! This show is pretty lifeless.

      1. @draggle i think they save the great sword slashes and not a still shots for a more great battles like that boss and you will see one of the skills of kirito you seen in lizbeth story.i wonder if they will show us the skill in the preview which will be out in wensday but i dont think they will spoil this until the episode itself. what do you think about the skill will it showen in the preview or save this for the episode itself?

        1. That’s probably true, they may be saving up their animation budget for the big battles instead. I’m not sure what they’ll show in the previews, honestly I always skip them…

          1. @draggle i want to tell you that in the middle of the main story there will be anoudher side story that will be big part of the main plot it is called morning daw girl and it will be in the anime in episode 11 and 12 it will called The Morning Mist Girl so dont be suprised if there will be side story in episode 11 becouse it will be importend to show this girl before continue the main story she will make a plot twist in the main plot

          2. Ah, thanks. Will keep this in mind. I thought we were done with side stories though… 🙁

  5. @draggle the girl that will be in the final side story will not like the outher girls you seen fall in love with kirito she will diffrent and by diffrent i not mean tsundere or take long time to love him and very importend to asuna and kirito

  6. @draggle asuna imo is meant as a subtle criticism of the conflicting roles women are forced into in modern society. asuna has awesome fighting skills and is an independent mind as well. but she is thinking ahead and also wants to have a baby from kirito once the sao thing is over.

    asuna has been so tsundere towards him in the past that she fears shying him in the arms of her competition. so she decided to highlight her feminine side now. she secretly worked on her cooking skills much like preparing valentine’s day chocolate in high school. then she puts herself in a fake did situation in order to have kirito “rescue” her.

    1. Yeah, I know, right? SAO is pulling some crazy thirteen-dimensional chess moves to make her pretend to be submissive and feminine when she is secretly even more outgoing and powerful than Kirito!

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