Sword Art Online Hollow Realization 07 — Kirito’s Mighty Rod

This is part 47 of my SAO summary / fanfiction, and you can start from the beginning here.


“Up until now, barring the whole SAO thing (in which thousands of people were killed), VR has shown only incredible and positive potential for the world!” Dr. Kirito, Ph.D., ended his lecture in a climax, after presenting the exciting results from his latest invention, the bi-directional communication probe, also known as a USB camera he had plugged into his computer.

“I’m hungry!” said Philia.

“Who are you?” asked Kirito.

“What? You don’t remember me, even after we went so far together?”

“We did? I don’t remember at all.”


“Well, duh! You were tricked by the Hollow PoH and… and we did some kinda weird stuff if you think about it, and…”

“Let’s do some weird stuff again. Maybe it will jog my memory.”

“Phillia, if you’re hungry, why don’t we try going fishing?” suggested Imouto, ignoring Kirito.

“Well, if you really want me to, I guess I can help you, Imouto.”


“Philia, I’m so sad I forgot our time together,” interjected Kirito. “But now I understand. You subconsciously felt the need to help somebody. Philia, you are wonderful by nature.”

Philia blushed.


“But, anyway, Imouto, I also don’t want to bother you. If I’m ever in the way or annoying, just say so. It’s really okay,” said Philia.

“You’re annoying,” said Imouto.


“Philia, since you are wonderful by nature, tonight I’ll let you experience my wonderful sword,” suggested Kirito.

“What about me?” asked Silica. “Can I play with your sword too? I’m wonderful too, right? Remember when we all did swordplay together? Tonight is the same, right?”


“Of course,” said Kirito. “This is exactly the same. You both are my friends, my wonderful, perfect, amazing friends. Just like you are to each other. So let’s all practice some swordplay tonight.”


“Wonderful! Yui will be so excited! We’ll be one big happy family! Haha!” exclaimed Asuna.


“Hey, Asuna… I can totally see up your skirt…” said Kirito as he crawled on the floor to look up Asuna’s skirt.

“Hehe, we’re married, so I don’t mind. We share inventory space. What bond could be deeper than ours?”

While Asuna ran to tell Yui the good news, Kirito, Philia, Imouto and Silica headed off to go fishing.

On the way to the fishing spot, Imouto asked Kirito a question. “Kirito-kun, can you show me your sword skill again? The one where you give a flurry of powerful thrusts in succession? Last night in my bed, I was polishing my sheath, trying to envision your sword to aid in my training. But I don’t think I remembered all the details right…”


“Of course!” said Kirito. “I can show you tonight in your room. I was thinking of coming to watch one night, but I didn’t want to interrupt you when you’re so… focused.”

“Hehe, you’re the best! Thanks Onii-chan!”


Silica was kidnapped by a herd of wild horny deer. No one cared.

The party reached the fishing spot.

After a while, Kirito had a bite! “It’s too strong, I can’t reel it in! Here, Philia, grab my rod!”


Using Kirito’s rod, Philia reeled the fish in. “Aughhh… Augh….” Kirito panted.

“Wow… your rod is… amazing…” said Philia.

Later that day…


“Would you mind taking a glance at my sword?” asked Kirito.

“You disgust me, you pervert,” said Liz. “But… I wouldn’t really mind, I guess…”

“Nah, it’s ok,” said Kirito. “Hey, Premiere! Come over here and feel my sword!”

“Ok,” said Premiere.

“No fair!” cried Silica. “I want to try.”

“Don’t worry,” said Kirito. “You can all have a turn. But Premiere is first. Touch it nicely and softly now, Premiere.”


“Nicely… Softly… Hehe! It is so very small. I do not detect any threat from it, but… it is warm.”

“That’s right,” said Kirito. “That’s because it needs to be oiled. Here, why don’t you oil it?” Kirito handed Premiere the oil.

As Kirito held his sword, Premiere polished it with oil, nicely and softly. Kirito’s sword slowly began to transform.


“I was wrong,” said Premiere. “It is impressive. That is to say… it is quite large.”

“That’s right, Premiere. Now, it’s time for the final touches. Try polishing a bit harder.”

As Premiere worked the blade in her hands, Sinon and Asuna approached.

“KI-RI-TO! What are you making Premiere do in the middle of the road in broad daylight?”

Kirito jerked his sword in surprise. It jerked away from Premiere’s hands, and flicked the polishing oil off the blade.


“Oops,” said Kirito.

To be continued…

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