Tari Tari 10 — The Western Shoprangers

Well, that was amusing… I guess.

The singing was just embarrassing though.

In general, I’m getting tired of this show. There are only three episodes left. Where are they planning to go with it? It seems that the answer is nowhere.

I thought we were done with the melodrama around Wakana’s mom, and would finally get back to the original thrust of Miyamoto finding her dreams with singing. But no, Wakana’s mom is back, along with St. Wakana herself!

Not only that, the principal continues to be tsundere for Wakana. I care about Wakana exactly as much as I did seven episodes ago: that is, not at all. She just decided to do what her mom did and somehow that means she obtained enlightenment or something. There’s some sort of holy aura surrounding her now, everything she does is right and clear-headed. Everyone should just keel over and worship her.

Please just lay off already, Tari Tari. I get it, Wakana is going to be a great composer after reading the “Intro to Composition” book since she has a melody in her heart and the dream she inherited from her mother. *Yawn*

4 thoughts on “Tari Tari 10 — The Western Shoprangers

  1. I can’t add much to what you write about the plot.

    There’s something strange about Wien. Most of the time he’s rather shy and overly polite. But once the “superhero switch” has been activated he like changes his identity. He’s also oddly fixated on writing to Yan (that little kid). I now believe Yan’s family sent his letters back b/c they felt stalked.

    Apart from that: Is it just me or has animation quality quite improved this episode?

    1. I now believe Yan’s family sent his letters back b/c they felt stalked.

      An excellent idea! I bet you’re right. I would do the same thing, Wien is creepy with how much he writes to this little kid.

      I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a great judge of animation quality, but I didn’t notice a big difference.

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