Sword Art Online 09 — Kirito’s Manhood

OMG guys!!! This episode was SOOOOO amazing! ☆☆❤☺ I was in shock too, just like Asuna and that bandana dude who is totally bi LOL! ⚣ ⚤

Because Kirito is just such a BADASS!!! Who wouldn’t be shocked by how awesome he is??!!! He wears those cool black clothes, and not only that, he can wield TWO swords at the SAME TIME!!! No one else can do that, you know?!!!

It’s like, everyone else can only swing one sword around. But Kirito can ram one of his rods into the enemy and penetrate the boss with another enormous stiff stick AT ONCE! ⚰⚱⚔⚰⚱⚔⚰⚱⚔⚰⚱⚔⚰⚱⚔ Kirito should just go beat the game by himself!

Even though he’s a skinny guy who sits at his computer all day he has so much more mahood than those buff soliders! He sure showed them. HAHAHAHA

That woman is just so clingy though!!! Seriously, girl, get back in the kitchen where you belong! That’s the only thing she was good for in this episode anyway, making lunch.

She wants to party with Kirito? Why doesn’t she just wait at home so they can party in BED, if you catch my drift!!!! AHAHAHA!! ⚤⚤⚤⚤⚤

That woman can’t even take a vacation from her guild without Kirito’s help! It’s like he needs to earn her hand in marriage from her father in law. Oh well, Kirito will beat daddy no problem since daddy’s only got one sword and Kirito’s got three! ⚱⚔

25 thoughts on “Sword Art Online 09 — Kirito’s Manhood

          1. I dropped Naruto something like 500 episodes ago, but it looks like this guy has a LOT of swords… probably could give Kirito a run for his money in swordplay.

  1. i have a bad feeling about this dual becouse since he is the leader of the kob guild and somthing more then that he will be very strong for sure

  2. @draggle about the final side story in episode 11 and 12 the last girl will be diffrent then the outher girls in the side stories she wont fall in love with kirito and by diffrent i not mean tsundere or yandere she will be not what she looks like.

  3. There should be a rule that forbids reviewers from using sarcasm since I have no idea how good this episode is (although dual wielding sounds awesome).

    1. Haha his name is Heathcliff and he has gray hair… somehow I can’t be too concerned over whether Kirito will win this battle…

  4. …but ….but …. I found the fight really pretty good, at least compared with what we saw before. Asuna’s expression (your first pic) was priceless.

    1. Yeah, that expression is great, and she is pretty cute. The fight was decent, but not enough to make up for the rest for me.

  5. Hoooraaaayyyy Kirito defeated the monster! I wonder what he won for his loot? Maybe like everyone else suggested ANOTHER SWORD to go with the other swords? I wonder what his new title is maybe like?

    Master sword beater*

      1. I AM PREPARED!!!

        Wait, does this mean Asuna’s going into a relationship with a beater? I’m not sure I’m ready for this

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