Kokoro Connect 09 — Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at Hand

This week’s episode is all about repentance. Taichi apologizes to Iori and Aoki. Aoki apologizes to Taichi and Yui. Yui apologizes to everyone.

I’ve been drawing connections to Christianity throughout this series of posts. This week is too easy: repentance was one of the major themes of Jesus’ ministry. The idea of repentance is tightly coupled with another idea we’ve discussed previously: the kingdom of God. Repentance and the kingdom go hand in hand.

So it is only natural that the club members will need to repent to come together in response to Heartseed’s challenges and build the kingdom of God.

However, I’m still not sure that Taichi really gets it. He apologizes for thinking he has to do everything himself, and immediately begins making plans to “save” the three other club members. Oh well…


I still can’t really see this guy as evil. I mean, what did he do this episode? He told Inaba to stop hiding in her room. That doesn’t seem like bad advice to me…

He also made her realize that she is in love with Taichi (I think? Could be wrong here. Hope the special person isn’t her brother.) Again, this doesn’t seem particularly malign.

Further Thoughts

I don’t know how Yui was convinced by this guy. Well, the fact that she didn’t beat him up probably does indicate a great deal of self-restraint.

This is a dumb argument, an excuse for those who do everything for themselves to look down on those who don’t. Sure, you get some momentary satisfaction out of doing the right thing for the sake of others. But often the cost outweighs this small benefit. But does it really matter why people do selfless things? This line of thinking misses the point entirely, which is that people are helped.

7 thoughts on “Kokoro Connect 09 — Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at Hand

  1. @draggle i was write to you somthing about the upcoming battle in the review of episode 9 so that you will remember it when you will watch the episode and wont be suprised so look at this.nice review of kokoro connect by the way

  2. Judging from the preview, it seems Inaba had an episode and let her feelings for Taichi out in the open (hence the mad sounding Iori). Looking forward to how this triangle conflict will resolve! Too bad I need to wait another 7 days first…

  3. This does not really have not much to do w/ the questions raised in this ep. but Yui was really cute. I very much like green eyes. Her voice is lovely, too. So I’m happy that she’s back now.

    1. She is really cute. So are Inaba and Iori. I especially love Iori’s mole. It makes her quite distinctive since all other anime characters have such ridiculously perfect skin.

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