The Week in Anime, Fall 2013 #10 — Galileo Proves the Earth is Round


Galilei Donna — I’m glad I learned so much about Galileo from this very educational series. Galileo proved that the Earth was round through first hand observation by flying his airplane off a cliff. Oh, right, he also invented the airplane. What a great scientist. And as a footnote to history, he also invented Japanese candy. And had a fling with his great-great-great granddaughter. Ah he also was the first to study the moon carefully through a telescope. And uncovered its evil plot and saved the world. Because fuck the moon.


Hunter X Hunter — THIS GUY. Those manly tears. So delicious. Aside from that though, I hope they get this arc on with it already. Feels like we’ve been waiting around forever. And Gon and Killua haven’t done anything lately. Seriously, bring Leorio and Kurapika back already. Although Octopus is a pretty cool dude…

Gingitsune — I’m not generally a fan of these peaceful, slice of life shows. I hated Aria. I hated Tamayura. I hated Kimi to Boku. I didn’t like Hidamari Sketch much. But I love Gingitsune. What’s the difference? Well, I’ll admit that I tend to enjoy shows with religious aspects, and I love how this is set in a shrine. But I think a bigger part of it is that Gingitsune has a substantial conflict. That of growing up. These people aren’t just happily idling around all the time. They actually have worries and fears.


White Album 2 — Oh yeah. This is one case where I fully support a character cheating on his girlfriend. Although really he shouldn’t have gone out with her in the first place so there would be no need to cheat… Or just break up with her before he starts smooching… Ok, I guess I don’t really support the cheating itself, just where it is leading.

Nagi no Asukara — Seems like they aren’t going to go through with it after all. I am a bit disappointed though, would have been cool to see the world 10000 years in the future. BUT maybe the other villagers will go to sleep and we can see what happens later when they wake up to all the kids’ descendants.


Arpeggio — Can’t say I was expecting Kongou to transform into the Death Star. Ok.

Outbreak Company — I’m actually a bit impressed they pointed out so straightforwardly that this whole thing was a plan for cultural imperialism. But is harem lead’s plan actually much better than military bureaucrat’s? Sure, they won’t be in economic slavery to Japan. They’ll produce and sell their own manga, and then be on “equal” footing. But their own existing culture will still be wiped out and replaced with otaku culture, even if it is a localized version.


Tokyo Ravens — I liked this episode. This show is much better when it forgets about most of the magic fighting stuff and just focuses on stupid harem antics.

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