The Week in Anime, Fall 2013 #4 — Homeless Ph.Ds


Galilei Donna — The homeless people in anime always have a Ph.D. That’s going to be me soon.

Ars Nova — I want to see more ship harem battles. Not some random girl in her underwear and crying over lolis. Zzzzzzz. Also am I the only one who breaks out singing Cotton Eye Joe when an episode ends?

Kyoukai no Konata — This is getting pretty good. Kyoani can even make a character like Mirai compelling. I imagine that if I ever read the Hyouka novels I wouldn’t have come away nearly as impressed as I was once Kyoani was through with them.

Log Horizon — Still enjoying this show immensely. Hope the kids get rescued from that evil guild.

Golden Time — This is a very interesting show in that the romance is not what I was expecting at all. Usually romances are of the “they were made for each other, dawww” variety. But Golden Time is nothing like this. Neither of the two main characters belong anywhere near a relationship, much less with each other. They would be much better off remaining single. The amnesia plot device has been done in an extremely strange way, too. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention, but I had no idea this guy had amnesia. Normally you’d think they’d give you some sort of hint? But one second he’s acting like a normal kid, the next second he’s a ghost talking to himself. Not sure what to make of this.


Tokyo Ravens — Not particularly digging the stories of school life and friendship. BUT Natsumi pretending to be a guy is super cute. Perhaps I am discovering another of my fetishes.

Yowamushi Pedal — Still enjoying this. But the problem with shounen sports shows is they tend to drag on forever. The start is always the best part, and then I quickly lose interest. Yowamushi Pedal has lasted longer than most, but it took until now for him to just join the cycling club. We’ll see how long I stay interested.

6 thoughts on “The Week in Anime, Fall 2013 #4 — Homeless Ph.Ds

      1. I love NouCome. It’s hilarious. I am kind of mad that they turned white into some clumsy moeblob who loves cute things though. I love her when she’s being a bully.

    1. Best episode yet? Maybe if you’re a lolicon.

      36 episodes is pretty long, I highly doubt I’ll make it the entire way.

  1. Ars Nova – IT IS the worst episode ever since episode 1. No wonder the file size is so small compared to last week’s 750 MB, it’s turned out to be a generic ecchi show, showing twin tailed girl in underwear playing dress up game.

    Galilei Donna – a show where you are alive after falling down from 10 meters high, was hit repeatedly on old, wrecked, rusty cars. Instead of broken bones and concussion, you were squirming lively in your bed, as if you only got a slight fever. Of course, being a slight fever, it’s cured by a single injection of green liquid from a homeless man.

    It’s a shame that you dropped Coppelion. It’s the same case as Galilei Donna. They seem to be written incompetent, crazy people, who have no clue about what they write. I prefer to watch such show compared to those who pulled all kind of cliches on me. The girls are so unqualified and useless so that I keep laughing on how did they get chosen in the first place? I am looking forward for the spider drone that I saw in the opening song.

    1. Yeah, this episode of Ars Nova was obnoxious. I sincerely hope they drop this angle and get back to what truly matters, blowing shit up.

      Galilei Donna and Coppelion are both written by incompetent crazy people, but I find Galilei Donna much more fun. At least Galilei Donna has goldfish and pirates. Coppelion has school girls, who have been trained by the military but are completely useless. At least the uselessness of the girls in Galilei Donna makes sense.

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