Kill la Kill 05 — A Wild Nudist Appears


This show. OF COURSE the resistance movement has to be composed of a bunch of nudists.


Nudists who don’t believe that humans and their clothing can ever get along. But Ryuuko is friends with her clothing. It may be an imaginary friend, but people who only own one set of clothing often feel that way. I swear, Mako has got to be the final boss. This girl has brushed aside every one of Ryuuko’s enemies as if they’re nothing.


And having her family of lunatics pity Ryuuko’s insanity for talking to her uniform is hilarious.

This entire angle of whether humans and clothing can ever get along is hilarious. It’s the same theme we see in many, many anime, except instead of two groups of human-like creatures one of the groups is replaced by humans’ clothing. It makes about as much sense as the usual setup, plus we get brilliant lines like, “She was betrayed by clothing!” and “Humans and clothing are not enemies!”

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