The Week in Anime, Fall 2013 #5 — Soccer Deathmatch


Outbreak Company — Well, that sure escalated quickly. The soccer match was glorious. One of the best episodes of the season. Now I understand the absurdity of war.

NouKome — Ugh. Why did they have to make White obsessed with cute things and turn her into someone who just “couldn’t communicate her true feelings” or something like that. What BS. Her “fake” personality was vastly superior to this cutesy girly-girl one.

Strike the Blood — Hope the nerd girl wins. Oh right I forgot, this is anime, that’s impossible. Boys are only allowed to fall in love with stupid girls. Intelligence is unattractive. Unlike being subservient, clumsy, a tsundere or a little sister. Any of those leads to instant romantic potential.

Tokyo Ravens — OH MY GOD A GUY AND A GIRL WALKED INTO A ROOM WITH A BED TOGETHER?!!! This is SCANDALOUS. And the guy suggested the girl take a shower after she got rained on??? INCONCEIVABLE.

Walkure Romanze — I’m up to episode 5 now. The show continues to reach the highest levels of sexual innuendo. It’s been lacking horny horses lately, however.


White Album 2 — Sick Touma, so adorable.

Kyoukai no Konata — Last week’s episode was hilarious. This week’s episode was pretty average. I think the problem is that Mirai is just not an interesting character. KyoAni is doing as good as it can to cover for this, but there’s only so much they can do without addressing the root of the problem. Dumb song and dance routines to defeat stink monsters certainly help but you can’t do that every week.

Arpeggio — Does anyone give a single crap about this loli? I highly doubt it. Please let the loli’s story be over. Please let the loli’s story be over. If they just give her a cardboard box in the engine room to make inventions from I’d be fine with that too.

6 thoughts on “The Week in Anime, Fall 2013 #5 — Soccer Deathmatch

  1. My thoughts on the first half of Noucome: The breasts were made of silicone! I repeat the breasts were made of silicone! It… All… Makes… Sense now!!! No wonder Japanese ladies have abnormally large breasts. Japan… Why did I ever doubt you?

  2. At least the loli’s story is over. I hope they can rebuilt Haruna and Kirishima so that our main guys can have more battleships, which means more explosions!

  3. May the Haruna and Kirishima history can be reconstructed, only that will make our main types have more battleships, and with that will come more explosions, come on!

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