The Week in Anime — Spring 2014 #1

So, you may have noticed we’re a quarter of the way through the new season and I haven’t picked up a single new show. Well, I’ve been extremely busy. I’ve had friends visiting the past two weekends, my thesis is due in two weeks, I’m graduating in a month, and I’ll be traveling for all of June. So… yeah. Blogging this season is going to be erratic at best.

I think I’m going to ditch blogging shows on an episodic basis for this season only (don’t worry, will be back in the summer when I have more time) and only do shorter weekly or bi-weekly posts. And I still have last season’s reviews to finish posting, as well as a large number of Narutaru posts saved up for June. So June will be the month of Narutaru! Woot! I know all my readers can’t wait!!!


Love Live: … They grab on to each other and a tree to reach this. Then they proceed to fall and roll down the side of a mountain. I don’t know how that is physically possible.

Mahouka: Well, it seems like there may be a reason the main character is so perfect. Because he’s a magical robot created by his sister. Or possibly she just brainwashes him when he does things she doesn’t like. Either way, creepy stuff is happening.

The show continues to fare abysmally at portraying discrimination, however. It’s so artificial and silly it’s insulting. And oddly enough, the message doesn’t seem to be that dividing people into different classes and treating one class like shit is wrong. The show’s main concern seems to be that if we’re going to do so, we need fairer testing methods to do the division. Like the free market!

Black Bullet: Pokemon with lolis. And I said the portrayal of discrimination in Mahouka was bad. That is a work of subtlety and genius compared to this.


No Game No Life: Learn some game theory guys? No, if two of three combinations lead to you winning, that does not mean you have a 2 / 3 chance of winning. Unless you know that your opponent is picking strategies uniformly at random. Which would be stupid. Also, not only is the main character is a douchebag, he’s now essentially a rapist. Great. What a likable fellow.

selector infect WIXOSS: So… a girl wants to make friends… by winning a card game tournament and having a magic genie give her friends. This is just so pathetic I can’t even laugh about it. Then someone asks her to be friends and she says “I’ll think about it!” and runs away.

Also the blonde girl is supposed to be PURE EVIL as evidenced by making her opponents discard cards in a card game. TERRIFYING!!! Then she threatens her Pokemon card. What kind of girl would threaten to rip her Pokemon card?!!! Then there’s some BS about the battle arena reflecting the girls’ feelings. And the dumb incest plotline. And Tama ‘evolving’ to speak in complete sentences. Well I guess I ought to be grateful for that last item.

One Week Friends: The first time either has gone to a restaurant with friends. Guys… come on… is this why there are so many silly anime about making friends? Because nobody in Japan actually does…?


Nisekoi: SO CUTE

Haikyuu: Undropped, heard there’s some good fanservice.

Daimidaler: Oh yeah this is everything I imagined it would be.

Brynhildr: Could have done without the paralyzed goth loli.

Hitsugi no Chaika: Hasn’t yet presented a compelling case for why these people are ditching their entire lives for a stranger. Sure, he’s unemployed, but there’s unemployed, and then there’s being a wanted fugitive. Still, pretty great action scenes. Let’s hope the main character can evolve like Tama and learn to speak in complete sentences. Sadly, I doubt that will happen…


Fuun Ishin Dai Shogun: Somehow I find this quite entertaining?!!!

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