Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta 12 — ERU-ERUFU Proposes Marriage for the 4th Time

First he proposed to Marie, and their love was tragically cut short. Then he swore his eternal love for Pink Vampire Girl, but that was not meant to be. At last he swore that he would always stay by Haruto’s side, but again… Poor ERU-ERUFU.


This time he proposes marriage to Ari. Well, he doesn’t even need to propose, he just tells Ka-el adn begins addressing him as brother. Because who would ever say no to marrying ERU-ERUFU? Not even a question he needs to ask. Let’s just hope this doesn’t trigger Ari’s death flags.


I think this relationship could work. Unlike Haruto, Ari fully understands that ERU-ERUFU is a tsundere.


And now that he’s joined the family, ERU-ERUFU pledges to support Ka-el and his romance, and protect Claire’s virginity until Ka-el returns. True friendship, right there.


We also reach the end of the sky, which is a fucking rainbow that looks exactly like the holy spring. Do these people have any creativity whatsoever? I mean come on. We’ve been looking forward to reaching the end of the sky since episode 1, and this is it? What a letdown.


To make matters worse, once they find the end of the sky, they just ram their home into it and it falls to pieces. Why…? How are they supposed to get home now? I think that Isla could be… you know… steered? What will happen to all the people living in the town on Isla? Supposedly they are evacuated to some fleet, but you know… they’ll be there for at least a year? This all seems like something they did not think through.

Supposedly this ends next week, and I can’t see anyway it could possibly end well. There’s certainly not enough time to develop the sky tribes in the slightest. Or this empire. Or to make their entire journey seem any less pointless. All I can see happening is Ka-el returns, Claire rushes into his arms, and Ka-el lives happily ever after as Claire’s concubine.

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